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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smokedad, Sep 22, 2016.

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    i don't see a pic... but i'm guessing you have the vertical type based on your comment of it not having any intake controls. you 'can' control temps with the exhaust but it would be really easy to throw nasty smoke from chocking it too much easily. my dad has one of these and the only way to control the temps IMO is counting charcoal meaning something like "fill the water pan, put 13 lit kingsford briquets fully lit add a small handful of wood chips and add 12 more with another handful of wood chips every hour with the exhaust fully open" you can make good hot smoked bbq on it, but there isn't much control... you need to know how much fully lit charcoal will produce temp wise and realize that ambient temps, wind, rain,... will change what you need
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    Sorry about the pic, I thought I had it in there.  I'll try it again.  It is the vertical type like you said, uzikaduzi.  Thanks for the advice. 

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    thats exactly what i was assuming... if you already have it, you can certainly figure out what you need to do with 1 15 bag of charcoal (i use kingsford anyways... people say there are better options which might be true but something kingsford has that no one else seems to is an extremely consistent product and if you use my advice on how to control this thing, you'll want consistent) if you haven't bought it yet, i would avoid it, but it will be completely fine at making good bbq, just annoying

    i also recommend cooking pork butts as your tests because they are very forgiving... it will still be fine if it gets up to 270-280 for an hour or down to 200 for an hour.

    good luck
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    Is it possible to buy and add vents to this smoker?  I have seen other posts and videos about making modifications to other smokers, but I am curious if anyone had tried it with this one. 
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    I've never seen anyone modify these... I'm sure you could though... you could cut out some 7/8" holes with a whole saw and thread 1" pipe (which will work near perfect thread wise) and put ball valves on them... people do this with UDS's all the time.

    personally, if you were really considering doing this, i'd highly consider doing a UDS anyways... you'll get better control and more cooking area. I have not built one, but it's like the poor man's WSM and might work a little better.
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    I have the same exact smoker, I have used it maybe 5 or six times and have had no problems with it all, So far I have done chicken, pork loin and ribs.

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