Kingfisher Kooker Gas/Grill Smoker - Tulsa, OK

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    Kingfisher Kountry Kooker, It has a 36" x 19" diameter cooking chamber and is propane fired.

    I have the original receipt and original paperwork dated 3/9/2001 for $782.25. I just called Kingfisher and this model currently sells for $1595.

    Mfgr link to this specific model: of backyard grills.html

    I'm asking $250 cash equivalent. Trade, cash, or combination ofboth. Let me know what you got!
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    It might be hard to tell from the link but there is a 36" burner along the bottom of the cooking chamber, and a slide out wood tray sits over the burner.  Makes for totally even heating and the propane is very convenient and maintains rock solid temperature for the whole cook time.
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