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  1. Hey guys, I finally got around to making some Kielbasa. I had ordered some hog casings several months ago and just now have had a chance to use them. I had ordered 29/32mm casings from Syracuse Casings.  They worked well, i just need more practice using real casings vs fibrous or collagen. I only had a few small blowouts. The air pockets seemed to be the most troublesome. One thing I didnt do was prick them. Not sure the rhyme and reason for doing it. 
    I made 10 pounds of Kielbasa

    The recipe i used was from this forum, i take no credit in owning it. It is a simple recipe. I used Cure 1, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, and water. 

    I diced up, mixed and stuffed everything Saturday morning, and let hang in the fridge till Sunday morning. Pulled the links out in the morning while i got the smoker prepared. Got the smoker between 110-125 and let the sausage dry for about an hour. After an hour or so I introduced the smoke. and raised the temp up about 10 degrees every hour or so. Once they hit 152 I killed the heat and them them bloom in the garage for a couple hours. They smell and taste wonderfully. Anyways on to the Q-View

    Here is everything Stuffed.

    20 pounds of Pitmasters Choice, Should last a couple months...maybe 

    Several hours in, they are looking tasty 

    And the finished product! A wee bit on the small side because they are smaller casings but texture and taste are spot on. 

    Any extra advice and guidance is very appreciated. 
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  2. goliath

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    Great looking stuff !!!!!
    i have made a few batches over the years and love the coarse ground what you have made here. NOW what i do is grind the fat through a finer grind for the people that dont like to see the big chunks of fat. they think they are eating leaner sausage ...  LOL

    WELL DONE ...

  3. chef willie

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    Boy, they look REALLY good...kudos on your first load. Good point from Goliath about the fat....they actually reminded me of Andouille which is coarsely ground. I find I'm really liking the 33/35 hog casings and use them for about everything now....except for the 30MM collagens for Hot Links and the 26MM collagens for pepper sticks and, of course, SS gets it's own sizes.....LOL......have fun & enjoy those beauties.....Willie
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah the texture of the larger chunks of fat could be better. Definitely something to consider next time. This time however I had just ground up 10 pounds of pork shoulder, so next time ill have to get a leaner cut and introduce the fat separately. Also whats the purpose of poking the holes in the casing? i have read others doing it but I hadn't done it not knowing if it makes a difference or not. 
  5. smokeymose

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    Very nice, Bellis, especially for a first time! You've been studying up. Looks so much like Anduille it reminds me I'm almost out! Some butts have more fat than others. You can trim some out while you're cutting it up if it looks like a lot.
    Some folks prick to get air pockets out, but it doesn't look like you had that issue. Some like to ventilate them a bit while they're drying in the fridge. I just poke a couple holes in the end of the first link to get it going.
    Welcome to the obsession 🙂

  6. driedstick

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    Looks great from here nice job !!!!

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  7. worktogthr

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    Wow! Those look really great!!
  8. smokinal

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    They look awesome!

    Nice job!


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