Kielbasa--cold smoked or hot smoked?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rohfan2112, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Kielbasa will be my first sausage recipe as I just got my grinder and the stuffer comes in a coupla days. I've read that it can be smoked either way, but is there a consensus? Is either way considered "traditional?" Is cure always used? Thanks for your help, gang.
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    Congrats on your new arsenal  but for me Smoked

    and yes if smoked.,, cure is used,,,,(unless a cold smoke)

     if fresh no cure but cooked to the correct temp

    Good luck and let us know how it comes out
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  4. kitt

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    Hey Rohfan 

    I have not tried making Kielbasa yet!! but it is in my near future, 

    Traditional is pouched and north american is smoked 

    if you are going to hot smoke it meaning that the meat will get to an IT temp of more than 140 F in under 4 hours you do not have to add cure #1

    If you are going to cold smoke it (under 100 F) for a longer periods of time you will need to add a cure #1 

    There is a tone of great info on this site to help you out 

    and hey don't forget to keep us posted with your results and Q}views Lots of Q\views 

    Good luck 

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    You have to remember to keep track of all of the total time the meat is between 40 and 140 degrees including mixing stuffing and smoking. Using cure #1 is a good idea.
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    X10.  Also the cure adds to the taste of Kielbasa.
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    always have used Cure Number 1, Have never done it any other way than cold smoked, finish cooking in boiling water. IMHO tatses better seems like its too dry when cooked fully in the smoker

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