Kickin' Cajun Fried Vegetable/Rice

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    This is a good dish for Cast Iron, as it has no acidic ingredients. I broke in my big semi-retired C/I skillet with this after re-seasoning it today.

    Cajun Seasoned Vegetable & Rice Stir Fry
    2 Cups Long-Grain Rice (Parboiled was used for this dish)

    3 Tbs Vegetable or Olive Oil

    2 lbs Frozen Whole Baby Carrot/Green Bean/Wax Bean Blend (or your blend of your choice, including fresh)

    ¼ lb Butter

    1/3 Cup Dark Brown Sugar

    2 Tbs Vegetable Base (may be substituted with Chicken/Beef)

    2 Tbs Cajun Seasoning

    6 Cups water (if covering the skillet during rice simmering, reduce to 4 cups)

    Method for 1 pan cooking:

    1. Add Oil to Medium/Hot Skillet, add rice and stir continuously until rice is light golden brown. Remove from pan put into a bowl.

    2. Add Butter and Vegetable blend to med/hot skillet, stirring continuously until the vegetables are browned. They should be aldente/tender by this time. Remove and put into a separate container.

    3. Add water, Brown Sugar, Vegetable Base and Cajun seasoning to skillet and blend well while heating. When mixed well, add rice and reduce heat to a low simmer. Simmer until rice is tender.

    4. Return vegetables back to the skillet with the rice and gently combine.

    The rice and vegetables may be cooked in 2 separate pans and then combined together if desired. This will reduce the cooking time by about 1/3.

    This quantity serves 10-12 persons.

    CAUTION: The quantity of Cajun seasoning should be reduced to half or less if served to anyone who does not tolerate spicy heat well. The amount used will pack some punch.


    Starting to fry the rice:

    Rice is fried and ready to remove:

    The Vegetable fry:

    Browned and ready to remove:


    Simmering the rice:


    Combining it all together:



    I have made this dish with several variations for about 8 years. If you want a little something extra, try adding frozen 1/2 ears of corn during the veggy fry.

    The list of vegetables that goes well with this is nearly endless. If more delicate vegetables are used, just add them in towards the end of the veggie frying. Just use your imagination...

    This is also a great base dish for adding your favorite smoked/grilled diced meats/poultry, or shrimp. Just add it at the very end when combining it together, and let it warm through before serving.

    Thanks everyone. Enjoy!

  2. cheech

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    Thanks for sharing, that looks like one more thing to add to my "must try" list.
  3. rivet

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    Your pics look mouthwatering and this is something that is definitely on my gotta try list!

    Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
  4. sumosmoke

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    This is a really neat recipe, something different to try! Thanks for sharing!
  5. forluvofsmoke

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    Thanks Cheech, Rivet and Laurel! If/when you get ready to serve this dish, be ready for a's that good. Everyone around here likes it. The brown sugar smooths out the cayenne nicely, and it's almost a meal in itself without any meat. It's a really tasty way to get your veggies too.

    I hope you try it!

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    Looks mighty tasty! Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for sharing! Got it copied and am going to try it with some anduille (I think I don't spell so well) sausage I think!
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    Looks mighty tasty!

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