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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by smokinstevo27, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. I love beer can chicken. I did a couple this sunday in the ECB and heres how it went. Brined in salt, sugar, pepper, minced garlic,chili flakes and cayenne for 6 hrs. Coated in EVOO and rubbed with emerils essence. Beer cans half drank cut tops open and added some rub, garlic and lemon pepper. Fired up the ECB to about 275 and smoked the yardbirds for around 2 1/2 hrs with hicory and apple chunks. Finished on the Weber Genesis to crisp the skin. I pulled the chicken for sammies and mixed in my homemade bbq sauce. I can't figure out how to post the link but if you are interested you can find it on SMF search steve's carolina style bbq sauce for PP. Served on CWBs with mac and cheese and baked beans.










    The little ecb and the little Irishman strike again!
  2. bmudd14474

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    Man that looked like a happy smoker and good chicken. Great job.
  3. Me or the actual smoker? LOL. It was a fun day for sure. Thanks man, and tri tip is still high up on my wish list thanks to you!
  4. tjohnson

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    Can't beat BCC and a Good Beer!

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    Very nice looking yardbird there Steve.I saw your sauce recipe the other day didn't I.
  6. deannc

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    The color on those birds look great and that bowl of pulled bird looks delicious!

    Here's a link to the recipe....steve's carolina style bbq sauce for PP

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    Good looking chicken !
  8. Yes Sir! And I had both in abundance
    Thanks Mark. The recipe is in the Pork section and Dean just posted a link to it since I'm a computer dummy.

    Thanks buddy! They did have a very nice bronze tan. Pullin them for sandwiches almost rivals my pulled pork. I've got the smoke mixture just right, I do 3 to 1 apple to hickory with chicken and it comes out tasting great.


    Much obliged Scar, it tasted good too.
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    Nice looking smoke there friend. I also like the beer glass!!
  10. Its the Sam Adams glass, not sure if you could read the logo. They are really great for full flavored beers. I was drinking Bridgeport Hop Czar IPA damn tasty stuff and packs a punch too. 7.5% ABV

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    Great Looking Birds You Got... Your little helper in the doorway thinks so too...
  12. Yep, she loves givin daddy the stare down while he's makin food. And she always gets her share! Thanks Beer-B-Q

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    Great qview!  Thanks for sharing your seasoning and smoke tips. Those birds look amazing, Cheers!
  14. Thank you! I enjoy sharing with you guys, Amelia (my gf) sees me at the PC and says "are you talking to your barbecue friends?"

  15. [​IMG]

    Found a better pic of the finished product

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