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Discussion in 'Curing' started by pearlheartgtr, May 5, 2012.

  1. I hope I am posting this in the right place since it is about cures.

    Ok. I have a 5oz bag of Polish Sausage Seasoning from ( ). It does say to use Cure #1 -- which I have and plan to use.

    I saw a youtube video series where the guy uses Cure #2 with this same seasoning. He doesn't explain why, nor has he answered the question when asked a few months ago. He uses the process as according to the instructions on the can and every other recipe I've seen, including the awesome QViews here. So what would be different with using #2? I'm just asking because it has made me curious.

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  2. Cure #2 has nitrate in addition to nitrite and is used when dry curing (hanging sausages or cuts to dry) for a couple weeks or more.
    He doesn't indicate that that's what he'll be doing anywhere in the videos, so he should be using Cure #1.

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    Pearl, evening.....   Cure #2 is used when there is no refrigetation..... It is designed to make salamis and stuff like that in a temperature range from about 50 degrees and higher....  It need bacteria in the meat to convert the nitrate to nitrite......  

    Cure #1 is used in refrigerated sausage making.....  It is much safer to say the least....  Unless you become totally aware of the "how-to" recipes using cure #2, stick with #1.....    This explanation is very, very basic and not complete....  Dave
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    Hey Pearl,

    Remember that anybody can make a video  and anybody can build a website.  Just because they can do it doesn't make it right.  If he was truly following the directions he would be using Cure 1
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    Cure #1 should be used in this recipe. Mistake? Maybe.

    Im not saying you cant use cure #2 in this application because you can. But he needs to state that he is making a dry cured sausage in the video.

    Stick with cure #1 before venturing into the cure #2 area.
  6. Thanks guys. I know the difference between Cure #1 and #2. I was just curious as to why he may have used #2 instead of #1. I wasn't going to use #2 (as I had mentioned in the OP) in my batch.

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