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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by djcwi, Aug 24, 2015.

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    With a propane smoker, it's next to impossible to keep the temps low, for example to hot smoke salmon.

    I have a 38" Smoke Hollow which comes with a large chip pan.  When I want lower temps, I place coals in the pan, use HIGH to start the coals, then turn off the propane.  I then put wood chunks, not chips on the hot coals.

    How many coals you need depends on local temps, winds etc. and your smoker.  Don't get carried away.  Get or make a chimney type starter and keep a few extras lit.  If your smoker is too cold add one or 2 more, if its too hot, vent by slightly opening the lower door (if you have one) or use tongs and remove a coal or two.
  2. So in theory, if you started the coals in the chimney, would you even need the propane to begin with? We were looking at getting a little smoke hollow propane smoker but my holdup is if you have no propane, you have no smoker. I feel like this could be a really good way to do sausages. You could have lower temps. .......very interesting..........
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    My Smoke Hollow doesn't have a chimney, it's a vertical smoker with a chip pan. The pan is larger than most propane smokers so I usually use a mix of chips and chunks.  When I want lower temps, I use coals with chunks.  I suppose if you ran out of propane mid smoke, you could add coals although it would take time to get them hot.  I always keep a spare tank.  If you don't want propane, there are plenty of other types of smokers out there designed for coals, wood, pellets etc and of course electric.
  4. I getcha!

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