KCBS rules and misinformation

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    A friend and I did a tailgate competition in Bel-Air Md this past weekend. The tailgate competition is for people who want to do competition and the organizer furnishes the ribs. We had e-mailed the organizer and asked what type of ribs we will be cooking. They were to be St Louis cut. Fine. We did three practice cooks and were ready for the competition. We get there and at the judges meeting we were handed baby backs. We had already fired up the WSM and had a good temp of 270. We were pissed because we had to find a quick way to cool off the smoker. So we added water and finally got the temp down. We did our turn in on time and finished 21st out of 41 entries.Now the new KCBS rules.It didn't tell us anything about how we were scored for presentation, taste or tenderness. I thought these new rules were to explain to the cooks about their entry. My question is : Has anyone done a tailgate cook and do the KCBS rules apply to them. I know we had to apply the rules when we were cooking.
  2. I've judged a "backyard" category.  Not sure if its the same or not.  ...but we used KCBS rules.  I think the new rules aren't there yet.  It's a goal to tell the competitor how the judges rated them.

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