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  1. I'm a huge KC fan as you can see by the name.  I smoke or grill KC style ribs or a pork tenderloin before every game.  Can anyone help me with a great sweet and spicy KC style rib rub, marinade, or BBQ sauce?  I've tried different things off of the internet and always end up with too much of a garlic flavor in my sauces.
  2. bruno994

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    I like the Smokin' Guns products, online ordering so I am not sure if you have tried these yet or not.  Plenty of competition success not to mention a very successful KC restaurant.
  3. dave17a

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    Have you tried Gates sauce? They have a sweet and spicy, think thats the name. Blues Hog. Sweet. yhey have a hot also. Mix Gates and Blues Hog. Gates has a hot also.  Many different sauces out there. Need to start experimentin myself. Try Joes of Kc. Formely Oklahoma Joes? Good luck

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