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  1. Ok guys, need some help here thinking of getting the egg style grill few questions for you folks.

    I currently have a gas grill,Oklahoma joes offset smoker/grill Bradley electric smoker and master built electric smoker. 

    1, How many of you got them and never touched your gas grill again. 

    2, How many of you  purchased one and didn't use it as much as you thought. 

    3, Are they worth the money,are they that much better than a gas grill. 
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    I bought a Kamado Akorn grill last December and I absolutely love it!  Before, I was using my Weber Kettle for all my grilling needs and for smoking, using my Brinkman Trailmaster horizontal.  So as for the gas grill question,I haven't used one in about 7 or 8 years.  The Kamado Akorn, I use all the time now.  I bought the Akorn because it was way cheaper than the ceramic egg style grills, and I didn't know if I would like it.  Now, I use it all the time, for most everything.  The only thing I gave up from the Trailmaster was space.  I do love how much you can cook on the horizontal smoker.  I would cook for most all my neighbors because I could.  For me and my family though, it was just too big and I didn't feel I was utilizing it's potential.  I love stick burning.  But the Kamado Akorn just made more sense for me and my cooking.

    They are definitely worth the money and, IMO, much, much better than a gas grill.  Sorry to ramble on....hope this helps!  Smoke on, my friend!  [​IMG]
  3. I have thought about buying the akorn there on sale this week. how do they compare to the ceramic kamado
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  4. rogerwilco

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    I purchased a ceramic cooker and have not used the Weber Genesis gas grill, since. We now have four of the ceramics......and the lonely gasser.

     I actually did fire up the gasser a few months ago, just to see if it would still ignite. After several years of living unused and under a cover, it fired right up. We were pretty impressed, still didn't cook on it, though.
  5. I went with the kamado joe classic 18 on my way to pick it up 
  6. comosmoker

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    Good choice.  Keep us posted on your cooks and let us know what you think!  I would like to graduate to a ceramic cooker someday.

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