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  1. hutty

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    Steak, shrimp and veggie kabobs!
  2. chef jimmyj

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    This should be interesting. Typically with that combo either the beef will be Very Rare or the shrimp will be way over cooked...JJ
  3. brekar

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    Looks fantastic. Did you have any trouble with the thick cut veggies/potatoes cooking much slower than the shrimp? Thats always been my issue, and although I've resolved it I'd like to know if that's an issue for you?
  4. hutty

    hutty Fire Starter

    Well they turned out great. I prefer my beef very rare so that's no issue. As for the veggies the zucchini turned out perfect as well as the onions. The potatoes were precooked for about 7 min in the micro wave prior to grilling. As I have run into this issue before
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  6. hutty

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