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  1. Greetings from southeastern Massachusetts. I caught the smoking bug last October when I finally broke down and purchased an MES 30 1st generation. I had so much fun with that smoker and the food was so good that I had to upgrade. My next purchase was a Rec Tec. Unfortunately I found that was just a bit to small also and bought a Cookshack sm150 off craigslist. All three units would put out amazing Q, but I was getting tired of people saying it was not real Q so I decided to try a stick burner. I wanted something with a lot more capacity but still keeping a smaller foot print. After searching too many sites I decided to build my own rather than spent a ton of cash. Below is the smoker that I built. The main grates are 48" long and the side box grates are 16"X22.5", so all together I have 24 sq. ft. of grill surface. All grates are stainless. Well, in order to pay for the build I had to part with one of my other smokers, so I sold the Cookshack and that paided for this. I have to say that I love cooking with wood. The Rec Tec is used mostly as a grill now and the MES 30 comes out for the really small smokes.

  2. Well for someone who just caught the bug you certainly went "All In". Very nice build, I wish I had the talent to weld and produce something as nice as you did! I have so many good ideas but can't execute them. What town you hail from, my sister lives in Bridgewater, I'm also going to see the Pats play Denver next week
  3. Thank you for the compliment. I am in Taunton right now. About getting the bug, my wife is always reminding me that I don't just think about something and when she sees me looking, she knows what to expect. Thankfully she puts up with it and helps out.
  4. Too funny, my wife bought me my last smoker. She figured anything to keep me close to home

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