Just some spatchcocked chickens fresh off the smoke

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by crankybuzzard, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. crankybuzzard

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    I made these 2 birds for the inlaws and us to snack on this weekend. Instead of rubbing them with EVOO, I used grape seed oil. Quite a different flavor and I like it. I seasoned them with a mixture I call "Bird Dirt", usual ingredients, just all in one shaker with a touch of ground ancho pepper powder.

    These were in the smoke at 230-250 for around 4 hours. Notice how clean the cutting board is on the first bird, and how juicy the board is on the 2nd. Nope, I didn't brine. When I spatchcock, they always seem juicy and flavorful. I love doing them like this.

    The kiddo wiped out the wings as I was cutting the birds up!
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  2. tropics

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    CB They look good to me,I will be doing some leg quarters later.

  3. Mmmmm, those look finger-lickin' good! I'm going to be smoking two birds this weekend but I will be brining mine. Pardon my ignorance, but what is "spatchcocking"? Maybe I will do one bird brined and the other "spatchcocked".
  4. tropics

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  5. Ohhhh! So, flattened chicken! Duh! LOL! Well thanks for clearing that up Ritchie :)
  6. bluewhisper

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    Hey eb also look up chicken tabaka
  7. Flattened-chicken in a cast iron, so that's what Chicken Tabaka is. I've done all these methods before but didn't really know that there were terms for these methods. Thanks for the lingo-schoolin', much appreciated!
  8. bluewhisper

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    Yep and the tabaka tends to have garlic - I've been on a major garlic craving for a while now.
  9. driedstick

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    CB Looks great, nice when the kiddos like it huh? 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking birds! Spatchy chicken and turkey is my favorite way to cook poultry!
  11. crankybuzzard

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    All gone now! LOL

    Wife said I'll be doing it again on Sunday!

    Spatchcocking is basically removing the backbone and butterflying the bird. Cooks great like that.
  12. bdskelly

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    Great looking birds Crank.  In fact this post motivated me to make a spatchy for dinner. Time to run to the store and then fire up the Mini! b

  13. krooz

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    Man, those look great - how was the skin? I've been wanting to do one in my MES but was put off by the idea of having to finish it in the oven to get a crispier skin. Max temp setting is 275° and supposedly isn't hot enough for a good finish.....
  14. crankybuzzard

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    Skin was soft and rubbery. I peel it off. When my oldest son is home, I'll grill the skin side until crisp.
  15. millerbuilds

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    I have taken the skin off and thrown it in a grill pan on a hot grill.

    Looks great!

    Smoke ON!
  16. Nice looking chicken!

    Lately, since I got my Pit Barrel Cooker, I've been cutting the birds in half; but once you try these methods, you'll never want to go back to cooking a whole bird.  Opening up the bird allows the dark meat and the white meat to reach their optimal temperatures at the same time.  I've made a lot of turkeys over the years, with a lot of different recipes and techniques, but I've received the most compliments from spatchcocked birds.  To crisp skin, on a low and slow bird, after the chicken has rested, pop it in a 500+ degree oven for a few minutes, but watch it like a hawk.  
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  17. This looks fantastic!

    I recently grilled one this way over natural charcoal (15 minutes a side) & rubbed in avocado oil & herbs de Provence first & it was outrageous and lovely!

    Yours looks so beautiful with color and all! I'd love to smoke one!

    But I have never smoked 4 hours and bang things out on a humble Brinkmann little gas smoker. Can anyone advise what time I would use therefore with my machine, and doing a chicken this way?

    Thanks tons and again, such a beautiful job! Cheers! Leah
  18. the black spot

    the black spot Fire Starter

    When I do smoked chicken pieces on the wsm, to crisp up the.skin at the end of the.cook Itake the.barrel body off the coals and.rest the.grill.the.chicken is on directly over thoseremaining coals flipping and turning and watching it like.a.hawk.! They stay smoked and juicy but they crisp up well, and it ads ? 5mins to a 3 or 4 hours cook.
  19. Interesting method! (The black spot). Thanks.

    But does anyone know what length of time I should smoke the whole raw spatchcock cut bird on my little Brinkmann gas smoker? An hour maybe?
  20. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice looking Bird , Spatching is great . I like to take a foil wrapped Brick and place on top of it as it Smokes . Helps to keep it all cooked even .

    Thanks for the look and as always . . .

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