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Discussion in 'Arizona Members' started by az hunter, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    I am pretty new to the whole smoking foods thing and will try almost anything at least once.   Currently hang my hat in Surprise and am always looking for recipes that are long time favorites as well as new smoking ideas.

    Love to fish, hunt and camp and just ordered some Hi-Country Sweet and Spicy Jerky seasoning.   Want to try and make a few pounds of Elk Jerky.  Since it is my first try I am mostly hoping I don’t screw it up so badly even I can’t eat it.  [​IMG]

    Anyway, looking forward to chatting/meeting some fellow Arizona smokers in the near future.

    Take care

  2. I'm also a new smoker here in Phoenix, my first three smokes have came out great on my Brinkmann TMLE with mods. I've done ribs 2x, chicken breast, and a pork butt.
  3. milo the silo

    milo the silo Newbie

    Looks like we got a few of us newbies out here in the West Valley ready to smoke it up.  I've had my propane Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault for about 3/4 months and having a blast doing something I've never done.  Bought the Maverik 733 thermometer which is fantastic for this beginner.  

    Have tried various rubs on ribs,salmon, chicken, jerky etc. and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy Jeff's Rub and Sauce.  It's kind of hard to buy something only for the recipe but others say I won't be sorry.  The Hi-Mountain jerky mix was fantastic, if I may say so.  

    Hope to attend a few Arizona events this coming fall and winter.  Always learning never is a bad thing.

    Take care and stay cool.

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