Just recieved my new amnps

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  1. After the first burn off, I tried smoking some cheese, cold smoke. I placed the amnps where Todd suggested but I'm  still getting heavy white smoke. Not the tbs that I want. Any suggestions?

  2. It would help to know what kind of setup you are using the AMNPS in? Make sure that you get it lit really well and let it flame for at least 5 minutes before blowing it out.
  3. chef jimmyj

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    If the AMNPS is getting a lot of Air it will burn Fast and make lots of smoke. Try to reduce the air it is getting and it will settle down. In my MES I start with the Chip Drawer and Loader 1" out for 15-20 minutes to get 'er going well then shove the Loader all the way in and it makes TBS for the next 10 hours on a full load...JJ
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry I forgot to mention that I am using a MES 30. I'll try a little less bottom vent next time.
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    They do put out a good bit of smoke once they are chugging along.
  6.   In my MES40 when I first blow out the flame and put it in the smoker it's puffing smoke profusely but after closing the door it settles down fairly quickly.


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