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  1.  I'm getting a pre-cooked 10-lb. ham and just want to add more smoke to it.  What would be the best wood chips to use, and temp. I should set it for.  And for how many hours?  Should I just set it on the rack or should I use one of those tin foil pans (I have a MES-40 smoker) and then finish it in the oven?     Thanks.  Ken
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    I like hickory. 

    Smoke at 225, until the internal meat temp gets to 140-145.

    I put mine in a foil pan. I also trim off any fat on the ham & put it on a rack above the ham so it drips on the ham while it's smoking.

    No reason to finish it in the oven, all your doing is heating it up & giving it more smoke.
  3. Its pre cooked what do you need to finish in the oven? Just warm it up in the smoker to what ever temp you want to eat it at. What flavor wood do you like If itsHickory smoked already and you want more use Hickory if you want to Sweeten it up use a sweet fruit wood if you want it extra sharp use mesquite any thing you want thats the beauty of our obsession hobby habit whatever its anything goes as long as saftey rules are followed enjoy the FREEDOM.

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