Just my luck!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cparktd, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. I got a smoker from my wife for christmas. MES 30 top control, window, remote.

    After MUCH reading here   -THANKS-    I went ahead and ordered a maverick 732, (came today) and a AMNPS (comes tomorrow)  Good to go right??


    It won't stay on. Shuts completely off after 30 to 60 minuets of running. The control panel lights all go completely off just like you hit the off button.

    I checked the two little plugs on the control, they look OK.

    No extension cord used, plugged directly in.

    Power at the plug is good, stays on.

    Sometimes all I have to do is push "on" and it restarts.

    Some times it won't come back on unless I unplug and replug it first.

    Wife can't find her Receipt to return to store... Bought last month Academy Sports.

    E-mailed Masterbuilt.

    Now I sit waiting... and hungry....

    Just my luck!

  2. chef jimmyj

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    Call Masterbuilt CS with the Model and Serial Numbers. They are usually helpful and responsive to customer problems. Sounds like a new Controller is in your future...JJ
  3. dockman

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    Master built will take good care of you.
  4.  Well Academy did...

    Master built hasn't  responded to my e-mail to support yet, over 24 hours. Maybe they are snowed in, or out as it were, not sure where they are.


    The store said bring it back, refund or exchange, no problem. They looked up the electronic receipt where she paid with CC. 

    In and out with a new one in about 10 min. Got it home and seasoned already, working like a champ! Runs about 15 deg Hot by the Maverick, Glad I got one!

    The other one must have been built on Monday LOL! Fit and finish were rough. I could hardly wrangle the chip tray in and out. there were several puckers / gaps in the sheet metal including one at the window that leaked smoke. The chip tray as well seemed to be bent and had to be straightned a bit before it would go in and still was a pain. Nothing I couldn't deal with but I see none of these problems with the replacement. I did have to adjust the top door hinge to close a gap at the corner, but that was an easy adjustment.

    Thanks all, I have to work all weekend, but Monday I'll pick up a Butt and prep it for a run Tuesday... hopefully.

  5. dutch

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    TD-glad that Academy was able to take care of the situation. Looking forward to seeing the q-view that you pull off your new smoker.
  6. I hate to think what I would have done without this site to guide me!! The collective knowledge here is priceless.

    I'm working real hard to pull off a smoke Monday or Tuesday but man it's going to be cold... for here. Below freezing both days, lows will be single digits. Hope I don't have to abort.
    Pass or fail first try, I plan to submit the q-view.

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