Just modded the Chargriller dou and getting to smoke the first butt on it

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by rage, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. rage

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    Hey ya'll,

    Whelp besides posting as a new member I haven't posted much but thats because I was doing research and building stuff. Before anyone says "Why go through all the trouble with a Chargriller" let me say that I had the Chargriller for several years and THEN decided to start smoking. So instead of buying a new smoker I decided to mod the one I had..........

    First mod:

    I decided to put casters on and flip the existing wheels which I'm glad I did since this muther weights a bit more now.

    Second mod:

    Actually 2 mods, 1: I used the U-channel that I bought for the lid gasket and leveled the fire box, 2: I made a burn basket which holds almost 3/4 of a bag of charcoal now. I will probably add an additional piece of metal to increase the width of the petition since as I understand it, the charcoal will ignite from heat of the petition.

    Third mod:

    I lined the bottom with 1/8 steel to better hold the heat and reflect it upward. And made a gasket using 5/8 Aluminum U-Channel and high heat silicone gasket material. And placed an extended ball valve grease drain on the bottom.

    Fourth mod:

    I made a water pan to regulate the heat from the firebox and added tuning plates.

    Fifth mod:

    Added a grate level chimney addition

    Sixth mod:

    Not really a mod, but while waiting for the paint to dry I made a holder for the Redi-Check and added 2 grate level temp gauges.

    Well like I said I'm getting ready to do my first smoke, I have to burn it in and then get my stuff ready for this weekend. I'll let you know how it holds the temp as soon as possible.
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  2. Great Job!!!! Some people don't care for the chargrillers (or any cheap offset for that matter) but I love my chargriller outlaw. It did some great Q. Good luck with your unit!!!

  3. rage

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    Well I did a 'burn in' today and averaged about 5 degrees from side to side with it (using the redi-chek). It held pretty much at 225 with the air vent all the way opened. I'm thinking the water box was holding the temp down and will try a 'dry burn' tomorrow to see if I can get the temp higher than 225 which will allow me some degree of fire control. I used the minion method for my fire so there should have been enough heat......
  4. ishbbq

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    Very nice. I just modded my Char-Griller Outlaw w/SFB. When it's done, I will post some pics too.  Great job! [​IMG]
  5. rage

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    Ok well now for the results..........................

    But first a little background, it was a bit of a chore keeping the temp up until I learned how the mods affected the fire management. After that it was fairly easy to maintain a constant temp +-3 degrees. I shot for the middle of the road for just about everything, meaning that for the temp which should be between 225-250, I shot for 237 the middle of the road. It maintained that temp pretty good. Not so many up spikes but when adding charcoal or wood the temp would drop by as much as 15-20 degrees which meant messing with the vents to get it back up in a reasonable period of time. Air supply vent was always full open and the smoke vent was adjusted as needed. The butt stalled at 149, I guessed it just had a high moisture content and stayed there for about 1.5 hours. Instead of keeping the smoker going after foiling I put it in the oven set at 250 to finish it off. My marinade was on for 2 days, the fridge was at 39 degrees, once placed in the smoker the butt never saw the light of day until foiling at 165.............almost 11 hours in the smoker. Now some pics..........

    Had to use a small fan to get the temp up initially.

    Sauce cooked and ready about an hour before................canned some to have today.

    Baked beans...............just a nice addition!

    Butt wrapped and ready to go in the cooler for an hours rest.

    Out of the cooler and getting ready to see what took 11 hours to make.

    There she is..............a thing of beauty!!!!

    Check that smoke ring.................it had to be a full 1/2 inch in width

    Pics not included................my case of Guinness, my radio playing southern rock and roll, and my mug covered from head to toe in sauced up smoked pull pork at midnight last night. 
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  6. lemans

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    Love the color.
    My mods. Gasket, horizon convection plate, coal basket,, doing a 10 lb eye round roast
  7. rage

    rage Newbie

    Let me know how that eye round turns out.........after smoking up some ribs on Wednesday I'll be looking for something else to smoke. I also switched to lump coal to get over the stall.........a bit more heat never hurts if your minding the fire.
  8. lemans

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    Eye round took 4 hours to reach 140 then wrapped for 1/2 hr and sliced served with au jus made from drippings and vegs that I smoked in the pan under the roast
    I always use aluminum pan when I smoke
    Put meat on ss rack above the pan and liquid underneath. No clean up !!
  9. lemans

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    Thank you Myron Mixon
  10. Great Job!!! Very nice smoke ring. Looks like you knocked it out of the park- with your food and your mods!!!

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