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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by baileybd, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Ben and I've been smoking for a couple years now. I use 3 completely different types of smokers, a CampChef pellet, vertical propane and a MES 30. I started off with the traditional off set barrel wood smoker, but just didn't have the time to master it. I recently found this forum based on my searches for MES tips and recipes.

    I really enjoy the challenges and rewards that smoking has to offer. I'm constantly on the lookout for new ideas and recipes and feel that there is always something to learn. My newest venture is the MES 30 which I picked up at WalMart on a 50% off sale they were having. Personally I had never thought about using an electric smoker. I'm having fun with it and waiting for my AMNPS to arrive (which I ordered based on this forums recommendations). One day I'm hoping to find time to learn how to cook on a traditional wood pit.
  2. joe black

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    Welcome from SC, Ben. It's good to have you here.
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    Welcome Ben...Wood Pits are the greatest excuse to get away from the wife and kids for some quite time..." But Honey, these things are touchy and require constant attention. You want the meat to be perfect don't you? " ...JJ
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    Hi Ben!


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

    As JJ said, wood pits do have their advantages! 

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  5. I agree with the wood pits. Seems that food just tastes better, may be a mind thing, but the harder you work the better the taste. Anyway, it's basically my work schedule as a fire marshal that keeps me away from a pit that needs to be attended to. The nice thing about my pellet and MES smokers are that I can set temps on them and then leave. The MES is awesome in that I can set a cooking time as well.

    Thanks for the replies, I look forward to participating with you guys.
  6. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a much needed rainy night here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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