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  1. Hey guys and gals. I have just joined after being a lurker for a while. I love this site. My faithful gasser is in the shop for major surgery right now but just figured I would post some past Qview that I have done. These are just some pics that I dug out and they may or may not be a full start to finish product, but hey, at least it something for me to drool over while I finish the gasser overhaul.

    First up is ribs [​IMG]


    Ready for rub

    Prepped for a overnight sit in the fridge

    In the smoke roughly 2 hrs

    ABT's and shrooms to compliment the meal

    Ready to slice ... with ABT's, beans, and a small butt to slice (last minute add...lol)

    MMMMM ... sweet, spicy, juicy and tender with just the right bite and pull from the bone.


    Next up is a butt...several pics but forgot finished product....got hungry...lol

    Twins from Sam's Club

    Ready for that overnight sit in the fridge (no pic of turkey soaking in brine for 24 hr to add to the cook)

    Butts in the smoke for a couple hrs....brined turkey added for supper while I wait out the roughly 18 hrs smoke on the butts.

    (Notice the bird is UNDER the rest of the meat....please always do this if mixing in a bird to the cook)

    ~~My competition smoking team ... always lets me know when its ready....hehe.

    Sorry...no finished pics....got busy...I shall promise to do better...[​IMG]

    Final teaser for the night....bow kill venison snack sticks and summer sausage

    snack sticks in the gasser, but using a hot plate to keep heat around 140

    Summer sausage (hot & spicy as well as regular) along with some brauts for a snack.

    Once again my smoking team has my back....lol.

    Whewwww......that is just a small sample of my stuff. I have many more pics of all kinds of different things I have done. Brisket, bacon wrapped chicken livers, smoked german potato salad, smoked pickled eggs, salmon, spoonbill, crab legs, cheese of all kinds, nuts, salt and garlic....on and on. I will sure try to find the time to start posting what all I do....like I have said....its an addiction...lol.
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    Great pics!  Big bird!  Nice doggies!
  3. Well Done! and welcome. I remember the first time I found this site I about fell off my chair, then I almost got in trouble for trying to stab the screen with a fork and you are not helping with that temptation one bit.
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    Everything looks great!  Very nicely done...you're gonna fit in real good around here with pics like those...[​IMG]


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