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Discussion in 'Sausage Makers' started by graywolf1936, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Hello folks. Love to make Italian sausage, bratwurst and country sausage.  This is some I made a while back. In the next week or so I plan on making about 10 lbs.  I plan on using 1/4 cure #1 per pound, freezing  5lbs fresh and hot smoking 5lbs.  Does that sound like a way to do it.? thanks
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    Your sausage looks good to me.... nice job...

    To get a little closer to the correct amount of cure #1, use 1 tsp per 5#'s in the sausage you are planning to smoke..... for the fresh, cure is not necessary unless you like the pink color in the meat and the different flavor it imparts.... When using cure in sausage, it is suggested you mix all the ingredients and stuff, then let sit in the refer for a day or so for the cure to mix and work and the flavors from the spices to "mingle" in the meat for a uniform flavor... when smoking, let the sausage hang in the smoker for a couple hours at a temp of about 120 ish for the sausage casing to dry, with air flow... add smoke for several hours, then elevate the temp 10 deg/hour or so until the smoker gets to 160 ish then hold that temp until an IT of 155 has been achieved for an hour or so.... or after the smoke, steam bath until fully cooked..... there are hundreds of methods for making sausage... practice different methods until you find one you really like.... to prevent the casing from shrinking, dip the sausage in ice water when fully cooked to an IT or around 80 then refer.... personally, I like my sausage with wrinkled casings and do not dip in ice water..... they look more home made to me....
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  3. Thanks Dave for the good info.

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