Just joined from Ireland!!!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokeireland, May 25, 2014.

  1. smokeireland

    smokeireland Newbie

    Long time smoker just moved to Ireland - I'm having trouble finding wood suppliers help!!!!!!

    Excited to join - wish I would have known about this site when I started smoking in Texas....probably would have saved a lot of pigs!
  2. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Welcome to the SMF Family!!!

    Not sure I can help with overseas smoke wood suppliers. Have you searched for online vendors and check if they do overseas shipments? I haven't purchased any smoke wood online (yet), but if it's from US suppliers, some may ship abroad...you will pay some extra coin for that, of course.

    If I think of or see any that do, I'll drop you a line on them.

    Good luck and great smokes to ya!!!

  3. Hello Eric.  Did ya forget about me my friend?  [​IMG]   I hope you and your family are well.  I think we can help him out.  I will be in touch.


    Hello SmokeIreland.  Welcome!  From Texas?  North or South of Dallas??  Just not sure about those yankees north of Dallas.  [​IMG]   So now you hear from a Texan in England, who'd have thought??  Not finding much mesquite there I take it??  I will be in touch by PM and I think I can help with your problem.

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  4. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hey, Danny!!! Actually, you were the first one I did think of that might have a source for smoke wood that would work out for him. I just didn't get around to dropping you a PM yet. Thanks for keeping you eyes open to catch this!!! I dropped him a PM earlier for one site I've been watching for a few years from where I used to live for a while...seems like a solid company with a good reputation, but I don't know if they do overseas shipping other than to military addresses for US territories, though.

    Thanks again!!!

  5. [​IMG]   Hello Eric.  Hopefully I've got him sorted out.  Good to speak to you again.  Hope the family is well.  Keep Smokin!

  6. waterinholebrew

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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  7. Hello and welcome from East Texas, My buddy Danny can probably help, I see he already jumped in.

    Gary S
  8. bdskelly

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    Texas Howdy SI!

    Welcome to the forum! We appreciate you joining our group of cooking enthusiasts. I always suggest all the new folks check out Jeff's Smoking E Course.  Lots of great information and best of all it is completely free! Enjoy your stay with us. Ask questions and join our discussions.  You'll find this to be a wonderful community of people.


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