Just had to try it......... New Braunfels reverse flow modification

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  1. After viewing this forum hundreds of times, I've been intrigued and wanted to try cooking BBQ on an offset or reverse flow. I have gotten parts and pieces and actually starting building a larger smoker, but got impatient and wanted to cook NOW! I started surfing craigslist and found an older american made new braunfels smoker. Granted it's only 12 gauge , .105" wall but I wanted something within a reasonable price range and wanted it quickly. I brought it home and instantly started cutting on it. I made it a reverse flow, made a

    new grate, new exhaust, dual drains, new paint....... I made a few mistakes (learned from them too) and understand I will still only have a .105" thick smoker, but all in all Im pretty satisfied with the outcome. First fire is tonight and plan on smoking a butt, fatty, and chicken on it tomorrow!

    Wish Me Luck!

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    Awesome Wayne and GOODLUCK!

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    Wayne, afternoon......  nice job on the mods....  [​IMG]  ....That should make a fine smoker now.....  

  4. Thanks Guys!

    I hope I have it sealed well and I hope it cooks descent. I wish I would have dropped the RF plate more and had the grate lower but I can always turn my cooking grate over and gain almost another inch of cooking room. I need to order my Maverick and check the chamber digital but will not have it for the first cook.

    Dave - I might need some help fine tuning it if it don't cook well. The RF plate opening matches the firebox opening and I made the stack an extra inch longer than the calculator. I will know after tomorrow how it will do. As always thanks for the help and support!

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    Wayne, afternoon.......  Which opening  .....   FB/CC opening or Air inlet opening to the FB.....   FB/CC opening is fine... larger may or may not be better.....   air inlet to FB is way too small....   

    Only tweaks I can't see...  maybe some air inlet(s) behind the handle on the FB...  the handle you pull it around with.....  those holes will allow air to move through the FB and move the heat to the CC.....  Cools the FB at the same time..... saves fuel...   Someone I just worked with drilled 4 each 1/2" holes directly across from the FB/CC opening.... he said it was a great improvement.... used less fuel....  up to temp much faster.... and he could almost close down the air inlet to the fire grate and still maintain temps....   I'm not sure if that's what you want to do...  Drill the holes the same size as the electrical knock-out plugs to fill holes in electrical boxes....  so you can open and close holes as needed...  once you get a good balance through the smoker, no more need to adjust the plugged holes....  Well, that's my best guess anyway......    

  6. Good Morning All,

    Well first burn went well. Got the chamber up to 325 and then backed it down to 250. Seemed to steady out well, but today will be the real test.

    Dave I closed the opening down from FB/CC to 6 x 4.5 and made the RF plate opening 4" x 16", Hope its not to big but I can add onto the RF plate if needed. The firebox has a hole above the main intake but as you said, I might make it larger or add 2 beside it.

    I made nipples for my T/C probes but my probe seems to be to big. Does anyone know what size the maverick probes are? My probe now has a large 90 bend that wouldn't pass my nipple. Oh well, just one more mistake I found......

    Hope everyone has a safe and great weekend!!!!!

    Happy Smoking!

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