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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by lanshark42, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Wanted an iGrill2 from the moment I saw their Website.  Love the thought of monitoring 3 meats plus ambient temp on my phone, and not having to carry around a separate monitor,  Signed up to get one when they become available again.  They promised a date of 10/9/14.  It arrived yesterday, 9/30/14.  That's already good customer service.  And they gave me a free probe, in addition to the 2 it comes with.  Hoping the ambient probes become available soon.  Any reason I cant use their meat probe for ambient temps with a clip from my Maverick?

    Can't wait to use it while smoking this weekend.  If anyone else has one, please chime in.  I'd love to hear their comments on this product.


    Anyone want to buy a slightly used (used once) Maverick 733???
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    You should be fine short term using your meat probe you can use it with the clip or ouch it through a small potato. Just clean it really good after each use as the gunk will crude it up.
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    I should mention I have the original iGrill and prior to getting the ambient probe for it I did the same thing with the meat probe. They seem to have a problem. Keeping up with probes even before the recall!

    Let us know how the 2 works I've been waiting for reviews here, but those that have them haven't been talking much.
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    congrats on your new toy... I would hold off on selling the Mav. for a little bit until you get some time in with the 2
  5. I ordered and received my iGrill 2 back in May.  I haven't had a chance to use it yet, as I've been using my Mavericks.  What was the recall about?  Would it affect the iGrill 2 purchased back in May?  Or is it limited to the original iGrill?  Thanks
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    The recall is for the probes that come with the iGrill 2. Go to iDevices website for the info on how to get new probes.
  7. Thanks.  I see it now.
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    Thanks, I will.  Just joking really.  I'll find some use for it...
  9. So how are you guys going with this.
    I'm keen but hesitant due to android app having issues

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