Just got a new toy in the mail!!!

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by dwolfpak, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. The iGrill2 plus Pro Ambient Probe.

    Just got this in the mail!!!  Can't wait to try it out, I will post a review when I do.  (Gonna be a couple weeks though till I have time to smoke.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

  2. knifebld

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    Very cool....actually kind of jealous! My Maverick is in perfect condition so I can really justify spending a few hundred on the iGrill....but I must say it does look spiffy!

    Looking forward to that review!
  3. bobank03

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    very sweet. Keep us posted! 
  4. Where did you find your ambient pro temp.? I cannot find it anywhere for sale

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  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Yep want full review! From boil test to actual smoke!
  6. woodman3

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    Please let know how well it works. I have the other model. Just put simply. It sucks. It doesn't stay connected very well. If I go more than 20 ft it locks up.
  7. The bluetooth does suck. But my living room is close to my smoker so it works out I guess..

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  8. woodman3

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    I figured out mine works fine if my phone does go between a wall and main unit.
  9. So, I am initiating the new iGrill2 Thermometer and iDevice App.  I set up the ambient and to meat probes like this.

    I've got the ambient (probe 1) up front center with the red sleeve

    Probe 2 is in the butt in back on the right (also a red sleeve)

    Probe 3 is in the butt front and left (yellow sleeve)

    I set up my old Redi Check to track differences.

    four hours in the ambients have leveled off, but note the difference between iGrill probe 3 and the meat temp on the Redi Chek.  These are in the same butt, about 2 inches apart at the same angle, yet they are 20 degrees apart.  not sure which is more accurate, but I've gone by the redo chek for a couple years with no issues.

    Next thing to note, the iGrill has a power save feature they call a Proximity Sensor.  If your smart device (iPhone, iPad) leaves the apx 30' area, the device goes to "Sleep" when you come back in the area with your smart device, it wakes up and send a signal again.  I'm kinda confused by this, since the Range of the Bluetooth is 150' line of site.  Whats the point of having that range if it turns off when you go past 30'?  I sent a trouble request to try to clarify this.  We will see what they say.  So far though, I like the interface and the app is full of features.

    Note that I am still trying to get figure out all the features, there may be a way to "Turn off " the proximity sensor to extend your apps range.
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Did you do a boil test on any of the probes to determine how close they are?
  11. You know what, I never even thought of that.  [​IMG]

    Guess what I'm doing tomorrow after the smoke is done...

    Thanks for the idea dirtsailor2003.

  12. dirtsailor2003

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    Yep first thing I do when I get any new probe or therm is to do a quick test. If they are within a few degrees of 212 I don't worry Bout it. 5+/- I log it so I can make the correction. Small piece of tape with the discrepancy can be attached to the probe wire.

    I'd test your Mav while you're at it. I know my iGrill probes are right on and my Mav probes are 2-3 degrees off.
  13. jjpiv33

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    Where did you get the ambient probe? They seem to be sold out everywhere unless you wanna drop $50 on flea bay.....

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  14. I actually got mine on preorder from iDevices in early June.  
  15. jjpiv33

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    I just ordered my igrill2 and 2 ambient probes from a local outdoors and patio store. Should be here in a couple days. Pretty excited.

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  16. I got mine in mid June, it's been working great. I got 2 ambient probes with it, guess I got lucky they were in stock when I ordered. I did the boil test and found 1 meat probe was 2 degrees cold, the other meat probe and 2 ambient were dead on. I changed ports on the igrill2 and got the same readings so it's the one probe that's off a little. My only issue is waiting to the android app so I can use it with my phone. I do love using the 2 ambient probes to monitor the different heat spots in my smoker.

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