just got a masterbuilt XL gas smoker

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  1. 1. What do I need to do to the smoker since I'm using it for the first time. 2. What rubs/chips do you use for your shoulders (I want like a medium/light spicey)? 3.how long? 4. How often do I check on it?

    I bought one and then had to move to Tennessee and my "smoking mentor" isn't here to help me haha.
  3. Greetings aewyatt7!

      I have a 40" Masterbuilt LP gas smoker. It is very important to season your smoker before you do your first smoke.It burns the oils off from the manufacturing and it won't transfer a metalic taste to your meat. Plus it protects your smoker from rust on the inside. Kinda like a cast iron skillet.

      I did my first smoke this last Saturday. I did the Candy Bacon for a friend's beer tasting party from the SMF news letter. The Candy Bacon was a hit!

      Also get your self a inexpensive spiral note book and keep a record of your smoking experience.

    I jot down things like weather conditions,wood chips I am using and oh yea the chips catching fire.

      If you have the same smoker I do , get a 9" round Cast Iron skillet and place it over the chip tray to hold the chips. it works great!

    Happy Smoking!                                                                             Smokin Sid

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