Just got a Cookshack SM008

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by sparky30_06, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. While workring on the ranch the otherday I found a Smokeshack SM008 sitting in the corner of the shed all covered in dust and cobwebs.  I asked the owner is about it and he said I could take it home and use it for as long as I want, he didn't want to sell it but he was happy to let me use it.  So i figured SCORE for me.  I've been wanting to do some smokes since moving down to texas but didn't want to leave my propane smoker going when I wasn't around and burn the town down with as dry as it is.  So now problem solved.

    Question is can anyone give me some suggesting, tips and tricks for using this little devil.

    Can you use chipps in the wood box or just lumps??

    any thing will help, can wait to get a brisket in it and some sausge.
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    That was a great deal! Can't help you with your questions, I'm not familiar with that smoker. I'm sure someone who is will be along shortly, or could you just ask the owner these questions.
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    There is a bunch of great people over on the CS forum, I love mine and think I need a bigger one.


    hope the link works, join up and join in/
  5. Yep cookshack, wasn't awake when I was typeing I guess
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    Nice smoker!!

     What is the deal on that truck in your avatar??

    I remember you had something about it...is it on a late model chassis??

      Have a great day!!


  7. Craig, It's a '58 Ford F100 with a 6.9 lt. International diesel with a Hypermax turbo on it.  It's sitting in storage back up north untill I get a bigger place down here in Texas to work on it and store it.
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    Whooo hooo!!

     Now I remember...  thanks!!!


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