Just got 2 butts from Sam's Club and want to smoke them this weekend

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  1. I have never smoked a butt before.  I have a great recipe for slow roasting in the oven, but really want to smoke these.  I want that nice thick bark on the outside filled with tender and juicy meat in the middle.  Should I marinade (the slow roasting recipe I have I marinade overnight with Caribbean Jerk sauce from BW's) or do I use a traditional mustard/dry rub?  How long should I smoke them (each is about 7 pounds)?  What kind of wood (I have cherry and mesquite)?  Advice men, please.  Thanks in advance.
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    Either a Marinade or Rub will work...Which ever you choose a Rub down with S & P with some Raw Sugar, aka Turbinado Sugar, will help give that Nice Bark you desire...Smoking at 225*-250*F , figure 1.5 to 2 hours a Pound, but leave an hour or so "Wiggle Room", in case you get a crazy long stall...If you plan on around 14 hours and they get done, Internal Temp of 195*-200*F,early...Double  wrap in Foil and Towels or a Blanket and place the Butts in a Cooler to hold until all else is ready, up to 6 hours...Cherry is good on Pork but is on the Mild Side...Mesquite can be over powering unless you are really in to it's flavor... This should point you in the right direction...JJ
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    I am still new to smoking but maybe I can ask a couple questions to give more info for the more experienced. 

    1) what kind of smoker do you have ?

    2) Have you ever brine'd before ?  My experience that 24hours in a nice saltwater brine (plus you can add spices to it), the butt will absorb the moisture and spices, it does make a difference IMO.

    3) Pull from the brine, pat dry then put on your choice of rub or marinade and let it sit overnight. After that, then rub right before you put in the smoker,, IMO doesnt add much flavor to the interior of the meat but it does wonders for the outside layer or bark. 

    4)  I have never used Cherry so not sure of the flavor it gives.  Mesquite can have a strong smell,, maybe a mixture of the 2 ?

    5)  Get your smoker up to 225, make sure you have a quality thermometer for both smoker temp and meat temp.  When it hits 195 to 205 internal temp, it is ready for pulling.  For that size,, if you have a good thermometer,, trust it,, go for internal temp and not time.  Could take up to 20hours.  The last 2 I did at that size took a little over 15 hours. 

    I use an older electric MES,, so my steps may be different then yours.  Hope some of this helped,, the elders on this site will be able to help more :)
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    Get plenty of Beer and stay on line...good luck..
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    cherry, mild fruity taste

    Apple, mild fruity taste

    Pecon, mild woody taste

    Hickory, med woody taste

    Mesquite, strong woody taste

    I like Pecon because I don't I wan t to taste the smoke the rub and the meat, not jut the wood.

    Here is a great post on Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

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    I agree with JJ but i don't add anything sweet till the last hr for fear of the sugars burning if i have a flare up.I use a rub without sugar in the beginning and just sauce the last hr to get the bark.If you want a good rub with sugar here is one.http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/110565/fat-garys-rub  If you worry about the sugars burning just leave them out.I am not sure at what temp sugars burn but i know it is not verry high.
  8. In case others wanted to know and had more advice, I have a ECB with an electric attachment. I took the charcoal pan out because it seemed like every time I would smoke the weather would go crazy here in Denver.  The electric attachment give me a lot more consistent heat source, and has worked great since I got it this summer.  I am planning on putting the butts on around 2 or 3 p.m. on Friday and smoking them until about 6 or 7 a.m. Saturday.  Anything else I should know?  Thanks for that link to the tutorial.  I am going to get a digital temp probe tonight.  Should I foil it?  I have read people who use foil and those who do not.  And thanks for the advice.
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  10. yep, read that thread.  That was why I was curious on everyone's thoughts.  I am not going to foil.  Can't wait to get them on the smoker.
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    I'm not getting in on the foil/don't foil debate either but if you don't plan to foil you may want to allow a greater window for cook time. IMHO foiling seems to help speed up the cooking process. Just an opinion for whatever it's worth.
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  13. I am looking at a 14-16 hour window to cook.  Starting it around 2-3 p.m. on Friday and cooking it until about 6-8 a.m.  I think that should be suffice. 

    Damn Scooper, that is exactly how I want my bark to look.  Makes me hungry!!!!
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    Looking forward to your Q-view!
  15. going to start the rub tonight, let it sit all night.  First pics later.
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    Good luck!

    We'll be here!

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