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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by wildcat4, Jan 10, 2015.

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    I got a Masterbuilt electric smoker for Christmas, so just getting started with my first smoking experience.  I live in Missouri and so the weather is probably less than ideal, but I'm excited to get started, so we'll see how it goes.  Looks like there is a ton of great information on here, so I'll let you know how it goes!!
  2. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a cold, rainy and chilly day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. 

  3. Glad you joined the group. The search bar at the top of any page is your best friend.
    About anything you wanna know about smoking/grilling/curing/brining/cutting or slicing
    and the list goes on has probably been posted. Remember to post a QVIEW of your smokes.
    We are all smoke junkies here and we have to get our fix. If you have questions
    Post it and you will probably get 10 replies with 11 different answers. That is
    because their are so many different ways to make great Q...
    Happy smoken.
  4. Congrats on the new smoker. Got anything smoking today ?

  5. wildcat4

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    So I did smoke some stuff today - my first attempt ever. I'm a person who has never had much luck grilling, but am anxious to try smoking. Everyone I talked to said, "if you're going to be smoking, load it up so you can do several meats at once!" So I tried some salmon, a pork tenderloin, & a brisket today. Overall pretty happy. Salmon was good & not something I'll probably do often - we had some a friend had brought back from a fishing trip. Pork tenderloin was great - took it out once IT temp hit about 140 & had read that it may not look done. Tasted great & seemed perfect. Brisket was a fail at first, but I think only because we had to leave for the afternoon & I had my son take it out without checking the temp. Ended up having to finish it in the oven, which was fine. Overall, pretty happy since I was nervous about trying 3 meats at once & all turned out very well! Used a pre-made rub from Jack's Stack on the brisket and let it sit overnight. Probably would prefer something a little sweeter next time, or maybe just the overnight was too much time. I'm sure I'll find some better recipes on here - I was just trying to keep it simple for the first run!
  6. Nice job, looks great, The more you smoke the easier it gets and you will be trying all kinds of things


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