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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by robbo, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. We moved to southern France from Chad, Africa about 4 years ago. I learned a bit about smoking from a Marine guard at the embassy there. We just bought a house and once we got settled in I decided I needed a smoke. The house came with a grill, ok for steaks, but not for real bbq. I found some concrete blocks that matched the grill, stacked them up lined them with some special flame proof lining, put a door on it and started smoking.

    I found this site and Jeff's instructions for smoking pork and just followed the directions. My wife bought a pork roast. Here in France they tie it up with string and put a strip of fat lying along side the roast. I know it's not good for my cholesterol, but it sure makes it juicy. I rubbed it, smoked it hard for about 2 hours, wrapped it up in foil and then let it sit in the smoker with just some charcoal for 4 more hours. The roast would normally feed 4 people, but the two of us finished it off in one meal. Incredible!!

    Last week we had friends over and I repeated the process. This time my wife also had a turkey roast. I really couldn't say which one was the best. The turkey was mostly dark meat, but with the rub and the smoke it was just falling off the bone and sooo good. Especially with a nice 4 year old red wine from Provence... but now I'm getting snobby. Ciao !!
  2. Welcome! Sounds like you're on your way. Are you using your grill as the heat source?
  3. Robbo,
    Sounds like some wonderful Q. Who would have thought it..... down home BBQ served in France with a great wine?? All I can say is welcome to the SMF and Bon Apetit
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    Welcome aboard! I'll be looking for clouds of smoke next year when I'm watching the Tour come thru Marseille! Viva la pork ...??....
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    Welcome to the SMF, ask as many questions you may have. BBQ in France who would of thought.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you joining us.
  7. Welcome to the SMF! I believe you are our first smokin frenchman[​IMG]
  8. blackhawk19

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  9. Welcome in!

    If you're overseas (or anywhere) and in the service, please know that we're mighty proud of you!

    Again, we're glad you're here!
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    Welcome to the SMF. We have plenty of friends here who are willing to answer your questions about going down that smokey road. I like your creative smoker, where there's a will...
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    Welcome to the SMF Robbo, glad you found us! Sounds like you are off to a great start, but don't be afraid to ask questions... lots of friendly folks here!

    Bonne chance et aie l'amusement!
  12. welcome to the smf.remember the pics- we love the Qview.

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