Just fired up my Lang 84 Deluxe Kitchen for seasoning, seeking general advice

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by gussygus, Jul 26, 2015.

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    I just finally fired up my Lang 84 for seasoning. I followed Ben Lang's instructions in his YouTube Video. I learned so much about the Lang just in this process even without any meat in the smoker yet. I'm looking for general advice and also answers to a few specific questions.

    Six splits of oak wood laid in a hashtag pattern # brought my Lang up in the 250 range. I was surprised at how long it took to get there. Once it got there, it was remarkably steady at keeping temperature.

    Question 1: I've heard to always keep the firebox vents open in order to burn clean smoke and to avoid soot on your meat. I've also heard that if you're going to close the firebox vents to do so only one one side or close 2 of 4. Do you agree or disagree with this?

    Question 2: I threw in an odd really big piece of oak (about the size of 3-4 splits) in just for fun to get the temperature high. I noticed how slow it burned. Is it best to stick with consistent sizes of splits or are larger pieces good to keep long consistent temperatures? (Kind of like a log version of the charcoal minion method)

    Question 3: The warming box vents, what's the general rule for the adjustment of these?

    Question 4: What's the best way to bring down the temperature 25 degrees?

    Question 5: What's the best way to bring up the temperature 25 degrees?

    Question 6: This is kind of a weird question but, has anyone tried using a few bricks in their firebox to save on wood and create consistent heat? I was thinking 3 or 4 bricks, hot would stay hot as long as there was a good fire in the box and would act like a consistent source of heat. 

    Any other general advice would be much appreciated: Temperature control tips, cleaning and maintenance, etc.
  2. Run the cooker with the chimney open,control temps with intake vents,

    Do not worry about 25* temps.

    Learn to cook in a wider range of temps.

    Do not put junk in the firebox to reduce air flow.

    Do not SAVE wood.

    When your cooker is well seasoned it will hold temps very consistently,

    Temp changes take awhile be patient.

    Relax and have fun


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