just finished UDS-55 w/rotisserie, lots of pics

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  1. 1/4 inch ring fit inside the drum for good fit to the roti, 1/8 inch ring on the outside of the 1/4 ring for good fit to the weber lid.
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    Very nice setup!

    Awesome craftsmanship!!

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    Very pretty fam dancy smoker....    How did you make the extension piece....   It's awesome....   Dave
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    Damn good looking UDS! Nice job

  5. Thanks guys, 

    I appreciate the word craftsmanship. Pleased you like it Dave and dirtsailor! I'm going to do a dry burn shortly. 

    Dave I have one of those ring rollers. The 1/4 x 1.5 was rolled to a larger radius than the id of the drum, then forced into place as a spring and the joint welded. Made a factory like fit to the roti. Then the weber lid fit kinda loose on the 1/4 but the 1/8 x 1/2 rolled around and tacked to the od of the 1/4 made a nice snug fit for the top. Didn't need to fasten the extension to the drum, it's a drive fit. The lid was a nice fit to the bottom of my drum but there was too much to make up for a fit to the rotisserie ring. Originally planned to use the bottom of the weber welded to the original drum lid for a top because I liked the high bullet shape but stumbled on the roti rig before cutting and welding commenced.

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    WOW !!!  that's cool.....  I'll bet you could sell that adapter kit...   It's awesome and so professional...   You could sell it with some sort of extension too....    [​IMG]  ...points....
  7. Thanks Dave, means a lot coming from you! Dry run tested out great on atmosphere. That big gate valve affords minute  adjustments.

    Then I put the fan on it----- Not doing any better on the 55 than it did on my 30.  More experimenting to do I guess. Don't really need it for temp control on a UDS but the remote monitoring would be nice If I can ever get it to work right. 

    Got it to settle down for a couple of hours after several adjustments, had to use a choke on the blower. The first section too hot, was open blower and trying to control with the exhaust as indicated by Flame Boss. 

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  8. They sell the rib-o-later kit online for the UDS. It's pretty close to what you have. I've have 2 fancy Drum Smokers, but nothing like yours. It's pretty cool. I have a Pitmaster IQ 120 for mine I was going to use for Competition but once I started cooking on my drum realized I don't need it. It's pretty much set and forget.
  9. Giving it a try out: Pretty much following Jeff's Pastrami (Smoked Corned Beef Brisket).

    Just on. 

    Here is the link to the Flame Boss graph in case anyone wants to see how it goes. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/19581
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