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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by bbqking1980, Aug 31, 2016.

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    Ok I am wondering after looking for hours online each day for the past 2 months with no luck yet thought I would ask for some advice on here. I would like to build a average size hot/cold smokehouse. To not just do cured bacon and hams but hot smoke some brisket and ribs and Turkey. Is that even feasible on doing. Or has anyone tried it.
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    Probably the easiest process is smoke, then finish in your oven...  or finish on your BBQ grill...

    It is definitely possible...  good insulation... good smoke source...  good ventilation....  electronic temperature control...   Pick out the devices, materials etc. and put them together into a package you are proud of....

    Depending on your location, elevation, humidity etc. it should be fairly simple...

    PID controllers are under $200...  heating elements are <$50... insulation <$200 for the good stuff...  SS formed to your specs <$500 maybe... plus what ever else you desire....
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    I was thinking about doing a cinder block smoker but am trying to decide on a type of fire box. I've seen wood burning stoves that have dampers and such. Would that be possible. I had seen it online on YouTube didn't know if that's possible or not

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