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  1. Hello.  I just received my new 22 1/2" Weber kettle ( 57cm for the U.K. members ).  About to put it together.  I know as a "rule" we tell folks not to rely on the therms that come with your smoker.  You DO pay more for the Weber "quality".  Before I have even put it together I was just curious as to the members experience with the Weber therm provided.  Thanks for any advice.  Keep smokin!

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    Hey Danny,

    Only used mine for three smokes so far and the Weber thermometer is off by about 40F compared to my Maverick ET-733. From what I understand the inaccuracy is unfortunately normal.

    Still a great smoker though...would not change it!

    Good luck!
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    The difference is almost unavaoidable. I put my Maverick thermo at meat level but my WSM termo is about 8-12 inches above the food so the temps will not be the same. My vote is to get a good thermo that you can monitor the food and the Q. I also use a pen thermo to do checks in various place of the food or in other pieces that are on the grill.
  4. Hello folks.  That is what I expected to hear.  I was just wondering if Weber had improved the therm they provide.  You would think that with what you pay for the Weber you might get a therm that is at least close.  OH WELL!  I shall just ignore it as I have always done with other smokers.  Now I have a question for you Weber kettle owners about the Maverick probes.  NEW thread!  Keep Smokin!


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