Just bought a Weber Kettle and.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by againstben, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Never used charcoal before...ever. I'm just looking for suggestions for my first cook. I bought the kettle because I wanted the versatility. I'm interested in low and slow cooking but wonder if I should do something super basic for my first time with the coals. Any ideas for a safe choice that a beginner can't mess up?
  2. lemans

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    Check out Pit boys on YouTube. They smoke everything on a kettle. I have 5 smokers but I also love my kettle.
  3. b-one

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    How about direct cooking a few burgers while indirectly cooking a few chicken pieces. I recommend using the search bar learn your options to setting your grill up properly practice makes perfect. Best of luck don't forget pic's of food and your grill!
  4. lemans

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    You should check out the Weber kettle forum. But beware. We are very serious about our collections..
    I have 7.. So far lol
  5. maple sticks

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  6. mike5051

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    Congrats on your kettle purchase, I'm on my second one in 30 years.  I would suggest some chicken or maybe a chuckie.  CSR's might me nice too!  Lots of versatility.

  7. Thanks b-one for the feedback. I was thinking something similar. I'll definitely post pics.
  8. mummel

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    Those guys are badass.
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  9. lemans

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    They r very funny and knowledgeable
  10. bluewhisper

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    The Weber kettle is probably the most versatile cooking platform. They are definitely a good return on investment.

    I got my start smoking on an abandoned  Weber that was fairly new but had no legs, I'm guessing a drunk fell on it. (ouch) I put the kettle into a steel car wheel and it could pivot on a slope like a ball in a socket. I could gather red maple windfall limbs the diameter of my wrist, and smoke for free.
  11. mneeley490

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    Yep, we love our Webers around here. Still the grill/smoker that I use most.
  12. Thanks for guiding me towards The Pit Boys. Those guys are awesome and hilarious! I also just registered to the WKC. [​IMG]
  13. smokinal

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    If you have a chance try that stuffed lobster recipe from the BBQ Pit Boys. The crab meat stuffing is absolutely amazing. Like everyone else said a Weber kettle will do it all. I even put a BBQ Guru port on the side of one of my kettles & use it like a smoker, with temp control.
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  14. lemans

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    They r the best. .. I watch ever you tube about smoking. But when I see them I laugh while I learn
    It's goooood!

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