Just Bought a 5# Stuffer From Grizzly ...

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by beer-b-q, Dec 21, 2009.

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    the Clouds were always very courteous to me ....i did enjoy working for them....
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    I probably hauled stuff for You when you worked for them... I did most of the out of Town Hot Shots and Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas were most of the places I went, also all of Kansas and Nebraska were part of where I went... I stopped Driving in Sept. 2001...
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    Well the New Stuffer arrived yesterday afternoon...

    They picture one with black gears but the one you get has the white nylon gears. From what I have read on other forums they hold up really well...

    I think I will still order the metal LEM gears just to have them in case I need them...

    I will post pics and give an evaluation on it once I unpack it and get it put together...

    From what I have seen so far it is well worth the $69.99 + Shipping & Handling...
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    even at that price that seems high for what it is, damn wish i could make my own out of pvc pipe like the fatty piston idea.
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    Not sure where you shop but that price is about 1/2 of the price at other places for same thing with different sticker... Only difference is the nylon gears and even if you buy the metal ones for the LEM and replace the nylon ones you are still $30.00 to the good...
  8. The PVC one sounds interesting.Has anyone ever tried the "Hydro stuffer" the one you hooks to a water supply and that does the work.I thought about them but I have never had a hose that doesn't leak some how.I wonder if they work.
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    I looked at those, but backed off when you consider you're stuck with two hoses, one pressure supply, the other relief.

    However, I did buy the All-Around Jerky Maker they also sell. So many adapter plates, there shouldn't be a stuffer out there it won't fit. I've used it once for 6 1/2 lbs of raw jerky mix attached to a 15 lb vertical stuffer. When you get to the bottom of the tank, you have to take the unformed jerky out and stick it in something similar to a jerky gun to finish forming it. Not a big thing I guess. Not a bad, "it'll work for now", tool. The one caveat is that the whole process is it's a two person job (if you want to do it easily).
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    yes you got a good deal but still the other one is just way over priced in my opinion. to me it should be around fifty bucks lol in my mind anyway haa. i cant believe no one has made a homemade one?
  11. My LEM SS stuffer just got here.
    In the cleanup directions it says after washing to coat with a Silicon (Food-Grade) lube to prevent oxidation. Then wash it before use.

    How is silicon "Food-Grade"?
    I didn't know Stainless Steel needed a coating to prevent oxidation, does everybody do this?

    I notice that there is a fairly thick lube on the piston O-ring, what is this?
  12. When I got my Grizzly 5 lb stuffer, I completely washed the whole unit with hot soapy antibiotic dish washing liquid. Then I took off the bottom two nuts and ran the shaft out of the gear train. I then replaced the nylon gears with the L.E.M. 5lb metal gears.
    I use vasolene on my gear train, and when I am ready to stuff I use either Vasolene or pam oil and put a thin coating on the gasket O-ring. Once you use it you will not have to lube the O-ring for the rest of that stuffing. When we are done with our stuffing, I completely tear apart and wash throughly with hot soapy dish liquid, rinse wipe dry and put away. I do not lube or coat until I am ready to stuff again. Just remember that veg oil will get stiff if you let it set out in the air.
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    Well after making 2 batches using my meat grinder as a stuffer i think 69$ seems ok, i bet it makes it much quicker.
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    Looks like the price is now up to $72.95 plus shipping. I still think this is the best deal out there right now. I was hoping to snag one of the 15 lb Gander Mountain stuffers for $125. But by the time I heard about the sale, no GM store in Michigan had any in stock.

    Anyone know of any better deals out there right now?
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    If you pack it away with ANY kind of moisture it will start to rust. The spraying of it will separate the water and bring it away from the metal..I also set mine out for 2 days to air dry before I pack mine away. I'm not sure what the thick stuff is on your o-ring I would think a thicker food grade grease. We used food grade lub in a big tube at work for some things, very thick stuff.

    on another note not that it's a BIG deal just because the amounts are minuet but vaseline is a petroleum product there for not safe for human consumption. I really don't think what has been described here would cause anything to happen but just thought I would point that out.
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    cant you use pam on the metal parts to keep it from rusting?
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    Nope haven't seen a better deal than that. I got lucky, came across the LEM version of this one with metal gears for $95 last year in a cabelas bargain cave.....no idea why it was there, but I didn't asked I grabbed one and ran. Best investment I have ever made.......I let my sausage set up overnight before i stuff nine times outta ten, and it still handles it just fine. I picked up a stainless 3/8 tube when I was there, but you can order them from lots of places. I believe www.midwesternresearch.com sells them. I use 19mm casings and have to strip them out because they fit tight and I have tore them before, so I just strip em out and precut to length and they load quick.
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    Well, I ordered the Grizzly. It was about $85 with shipping. Now I have to wait,,,,
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    If I could buy again, I would go larger than the 5 pound stuffer. 25 pound batch and you get rolling good, time to refill. Just my opinion. Currently in the market for a larger stuffer.

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