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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by chef willie, May 7, 2014.

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    Frozen 15# BB from last Thanksgiving. Did Chef JJ's brine minus the salt since these things are 'enhanced' for 24 hour soak, then a 24 hour uncovered drying time. I did a mod to the Smokin' It #3 to enable me to utilize my AMNS by drilling out the small intake hole to a half inch hole. Much better air flow now. Decided to try pellets in the AMNS so made use of some scrap roof trim to cover the dividers, trying to avoid the cross jumping. WA LA, it worked. However, it went out once soooo while re-lighting it I threw in a chunk of cherry wood then re-positioned the AMNS with the apple pellets well lit. Me thinks I had to much smoke going with the cherry, making the bird darker than I would have liked. However, lessons were learned and I'm happy with the outcome of the new use for the AMNS as it burned completely as hoped. Dial maxed at 250, 6.5 hours in, IT in the thigh about 175. 4 people crushed 1/2 a turkey and a pie....good times were had.

    nice & moist, no pinkish joints, awesome aroma

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    That's a great looking turkey Chef!

    I had mentioned last weekend it had been a long time since the last turkey.

    I like the turkey and the gumbo so its a win/win around here.

    My mouth is watering now......

    Great job Chef.
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    Looks delicious Willie!  Nice mod on that AMNS to make it work with pellets.  [​IMG]

  4. Wow great job
  5. Great Job Willie. You nailed it!!! Looks awesome.

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