Just Another Cheeseburger Fatty

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    Just Another Cheeseburger Fatty

    ****Edited to get the pics to show up****

    Miss Linda had never eaten a fatty before, so I decided to make one for her.  Since we have quite different tastes when it comes to spices, I made two—one for each of us.

    I started out with 1 lb of ground pork and 1 lb of 85/15 ground beef, mixing the two meats together into two 50/50 portions to be individually spiced.  Each fatty was spiced with salt, pepper, garlic, chili powder, and cumin—mine had extra pepper, chili powder, and Cajun seasoning.  The fatties went into zip lock bags, and were put in the fridge. 

    After a couple of hours in the fridge, the fatties were removed from the bags and laid out on the counter.  For filling, I added chopped tomato, fresh mushrooms, diced extra old cheddar cheese, and sliced garlic dill pickles.  Miss Linda got some diced yellow pepper, and me some diced smoked jalapenos.

    After rolling the fatties and sealing the ends, they were covered in plastic wrap and put back in the fridge for a couple more hours.  Once again, it seems I used too much filling and could barely get them rolled.  Looks like I’ll have to find some larger bags and roll the meat out thinner, ‘cause it’s highly unlikely that I’ll cut back on the quantity of filling.

    OK.  Time for the bacon weave--first Miss Linda’s.  I was quite pleased with the weave, except for one stray slice of bacon.  I’m not too sure how that happened.  Now mine.  Well it didn’t take long to realise that 1 pound of bacon is simply not enough to do two fatties, so the best I can say about mine is that it was “covered” with bacon.  Oh well, at least Miss Linda’s looked good.

    After preheating the MES to 240* and getting the AMNPS loaded and smoking nicely with Pitmaster’s Choice pellets, everything was good to go.  I smoked the fatties for about 1¾ hours to an IT of 158*—we really don’t like pink ground pork.  Then it was into the oven under the broiler for about 2 minutes to crisp up the bacon.

    They looked great, smelled great and, when sliced, looked even better.

    Dinner that night was fatties, salad (coleslaw for me), Jasmine Rice, tomato slices, and some Dijon mustard.  Unfortunately my camera, being part of my phone, which is in reality just another computer, got cantankerous and the plated picture is MIA.  I have absolutely no idea where it was saved to, or even if it was saved.  This is the only surviving partially plated picture.

    That aside, the fatties were spectacular.  Miss Linda’s comment was “Oh yeah.  You’ll have to make these again!!”  Wonderful.  If the women are happy, we’re all happy.

    The next day we cleaned up all the leftovers.  Thick sliced fatty sammies with mayo, mustard, tomato, and onion.  Delicious!!!

    There are 3 very important things I learned about making fatties.

    1—you need a 1 pound of bacon for each fatty

    2—when you put a fatty under the broiler for 2 minutes, it is an extremely good idea to turn it over and broil the bottom for another 2 minutes.  Makes for crispy bacon ALL the way around.

    3—although the taste was great, a 50/50 mix of ground pork and beef is just too much pork.  The grease was just oozing out of the fatties as I sliced them—I was kept busy mopping up grease before taking each picture.

    Thanks for looking

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    Sounds real tasty Gary, not sure if it's just me... But I don't see any pics in your post ! :dunno
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Sounds tasty Gary, but no photos on my end either.
  4. tropics

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    I'm with the other guys no pics

  5. smokinal

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    Same here no pics!

  6. b-one

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    Sounds awesome Gary,hope the pics get fixed!
  7. garyhibbert

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    Thanks everybody.  Not sure what happened.  When I went in to edit the post and add the pics---they all showed up.     [​IMG]     [​IMG]

    Reposted all the pics.

  8. dirtsailor2003

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    There they are! Nice diagonal weave!

  9. crazymoon

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    GH, Great looking fatties !
  10. garyhibbert

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    Thanks. I took your advice on diagonal weaves after my last one. MUCH better this time.

  11. garyhibbert

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    Thanks CM. They made great sammies the next day.

  12. sauced

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    Great looking fatty!!

    For my meat mix, I use 1 1/4 lbs of 80/20 and add 3 sweet (or hot) sausage links (out of the casing) and of course 1 lb of bacon for the weave.
  13. disco

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    Fantastic fatties, Gary! You have inspired me to make one as it has been a while.


  14. smokeymose

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    Looks great, Gary!
    I was so proud of my regular weave. Now I have to learn diagonal. {sigh}


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