Just another butt BUT a killer Mrs. Bear Chiffon Pie

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chef willie, Sep 26, 2013.

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    The pie should be the star of the show but I'll keep things in order. John, extend my thanks to Mrs. Bear for allowing such a delicious dessert to be shared.....it was off the charts good. Scored a 8 pound butt for .99 a pound at Safeway. Invited some friends over to help eat the monster. Into the smoker with cherry wood Tues night at 9:15 set at 225. Pulled off at 3:30 Wed. for a 3 hour wrap & rest. Some pictures are AWOL due to copious amounts of adult beverages being consumed getting ready for the dinner. There are missing pics of pinto beans simmered up with onions, garlic and bacon and Brussels Sprouts that were cut in half, then caramelized on the bottoms in melted butter while snuggled up close in a large cast iron pan. I made a Marionberry Chiffon Pie since I had those already. They are a hybrid cross of 2 blackberry varieties developed up here in the PNW. The rest of Mrs. Bears recipe was followed. More of these will be made...

    should have bought more.....now back to 1.99 at Safeway

    no foil, no spritizing...just let it go

    pulled nice & moist

    did get a pic of the home made slaw

    freakin' YUM--stole the show

    made the day before--firmed up beautiful

    not much left this morning---who ate all this??

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    MMMmmmm! PIE!!!

    Great looking butt, Chef Willie! I haven't spritzed or foiled a butt for so long-I do like you do-rub 'em down and put 'em the the smoker and leave 'em alone. My last butt I did on my mini WSM and the oldest grandson showed for a visit and asked if he could help by spritzing the butt. He was surprised when I told him I didn't spritz or foil anymore. He had to go to work before the butt was done so Ma Dutch put together a the makings for couple of sammies and I took them to him at work so he wouldn't have to buy his supper from the food court at the mall. He heated up the pork in the back room of the store, made his sammies and took them to the food court to eat them. Folks were coming up to him asking where he got those awesome sammies and his Manager told him that he needs to being in BBQ more often. After he left the store, folks came in looking for the BBQ smell and ended up buying clothes insead (grandson works for a national clothing chain that sells mostly to teens and young adults).
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    Everything looks great! Marion berry is something I learned today. Never heard of it but it sounds good.
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    Chef....both look wonderful to me!

    I made just a plain ol' pecan pie on Monday. It was devoured quickly too.

  5. frosty

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    ALL of that looks excellent!   I don't recall seeing a photo of Kat's Pecan masterpiece.  [​IMG]
  6. looks great willie! been staring at ms.bears pie recipe for a couple days now and was thinking of attempting this weekend..you mightve just given me the kick in the @$$ i need to get goin on it...lol. thanks for sharing amigo!

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