just a quick question on pepperoni kept un refridgerated

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  1. I make my beef pepperoni using the LEM seasoning packet which does include cure #1 and then I smoke it to an IT of 165 degrees.I then let it rest in the fridge for a couple days, then vacume pack it.

    My question is does anybody have an opinion on how long this would keep without being refridgerated or frozen.

    I see the commercial snack stix hanging on shelves etc. in the stores that are not refridgerated, Do they do theirs differantly so it does not be refridgerated.

    Thanks Rich
  2. Low pH, water activity (aW) and preservatives.

  3. Any guess as to how long it will keep unrefridgerated
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    Rich, evening.... Is there anything written on the LEM package about storage after cooking ???  Is it pretty dry and have a salty taste ??? 

    What ever the manufacturer recommends is what I would follow... Acidity, low moisture and salt, plus other stuff is what makes meat stable at warmer temps.....   Hard to tell what would be safe from here.....  


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