Just a half slab babyback test (PBC)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by thelocnar, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Haven't had the PBC for very long but I've been getting the hang of it. Last batch of babybacks I did came out dry. My fault as I lost track of time.

    But today was a different story. 1.5 hours then sauced for 30 minutes is perfect for a half slab. I don't like fall off the bone when grilled/smoked (but braised? absolutely).

    This half slab came out just right. Yellow mustard, and the PBC beef and game rub just to use it up. I actually like it quite a bit. Sauced with KCM Classic which I also like quite a bit as well.

    I also have a Smokin-It #2, but miss that smoke ring.
  2. b-one

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    Getting the hang of it,is that PBC humor?:biggrin: Looks tasty and quite fast, what temp did you average? I almost bought a PBC but wasn't thrilled hanging stuff and went WSM.
  3. I honestly don't bother to read temps in this thing so I couldn't tell ya.

    Can't complain one bit about the results though. The only reasons I do half slabs is that I never have enough room in my freezer. And a full slab of ribs won't fit in my VacMaster 210. I rarely buy ribs to cook the same day. I wait for sales and stock up. lol
  4. smokinal

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    That rib sure looks delicious!

  5. worktogthr

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    Wow! Those look great! Your PBC must have been running really hot for hen to be done so quickly. Minute usually take 3-4 hours. Nothin wrong with hot and fast ribs though!
  6. Sir, your comment on not looking at the temp is sacrilegious! Any teu believer knows that we live and die by the temperature probe. This leads me to believe that those photos are either photo shopped to lool perfect OR you just got lucky. Tis the day brother!
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  7. garvinque

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    [​IMG]Good pun!
  8. garvinque

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    I have both the PBC and WSM and hanging the food works like a charm.[​IMG]
  9. I probe chicken/tri-tip/butt etc. just not the ribs as there are several ways of checking for doneness. But we all know this. I guess I have a good eye for some things. ;)

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