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Discussion in 'Pork' started by terry colwell, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. As I sit here reading all the many post with ALL the great info,, I find my self asking some questions,,

    1. would someone please make a list of all the abbreveations, LOL,,so many I cant figure out..

    2. I have not seen any comments on Peach wood,,, wondering if you guys have tried it,, I am using it now on a Pork Shoulder

    3. how much charcoal do you guys use on a ,say, 10 hour cook? wondering if I a burning way to much or about average..

    4. Looking to add a Electric smoker to the mix,, any one stand out as the best?

    5.whats your most favorite gadget you got, or cooker?/

    6. whats the ONE thing you cant do with out

    7 Whats the biggest toy on your wish list??

     I know I have more,, great thing about this is I can keep coming back and asking you guys, and Gals,, what a Great bunch of people here. I spend a lot of time here reading....


  2. Smoke on.
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  4. ScarBelly,, thanks for the list,, I book marked it ....lol
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    Now that you have your questions answered. What you gonna smoke?
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