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  1. So I went home to Gulf Shores, Al this weekend. Mom had about 20 lbs of Jumbo gulf shrimp left from a seafood broil. She gave them to me. (Love you mom) By the way she is an avid smoker as well. I was gonna try smoking these but instead gonna make shrimp Alfredo with my homemade sauce and also bake some in Italian dressing, lemon juice and a little slap ya Mama Cajun seasoning. Just thought I would share
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    Nothing finer that big white shrimps!! Looking at your picture, I have even had 'em on shrimp pizza...>

    If you have a very few to spare, I can highly recommend this:


    It is really exceptional and only uses a very few shrimp.

    I also do a Shrimp/Veggie primavera, its a great way to flavors. Ya know, I just can't at present think of anyway I have had shrimps prepared that they were not great! LOL

    Congrats on scoring the shrimp as well as having such a good Momma!
  3. Thank you. I have been cleaning them and drooling over them
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    I love blackened shrimp tossed in Alfredo! And what ever you do with them will be better then that pizza!:biggrin:
  5. They came out awesome. Mine and wife plateS
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    That looks mighty good, your bride may let you travel back to the Gulf Coast again if you keep cooking like that.

  8. Lol

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