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    Between a vacation, a near freezer disaster and life, FINALLY got to smoking some ribs after being inspired on Memorial weekend.  And remembered to take some photos.

    Typical 3-2-1 method.  Used two different rubs.  Top one is Maple Pecan that I got from Cabella's.  Bottom is from Smokey's BBQ in Centerville TX.  Wife preferred the maple, while I love the Smokey's, although this time I did use less than normal and it was just as good.  Smoked with Cherry chips and spritzed with Apple juice.  Combination charcoal briquets and lump in my Char-Griller Duo.

    End result, a filled belly and enough leftovers for two lunches.  Made two full slabs which is way more than my wife and I would eat in one sitting, so the lefts were by design.

    I do have one question though.  I've seen something where people say you should be able to lift your slab and it should bend and not break in half and that's the sign of a really well done (meaning technique, not doneness of the meat) slab. Mine were falling off the bone out of the foil, and ate just fine, but was wondering if anyone swears by this or what exactly the deal is.

    Have a good week!

    Mark - Fort Worth

    Rubbed and ready for the grill.

    On the smoke!

    End hour one.

    End hour two.

    End hour five and out of the foil.

    Ready to get in my belly!

  2. It depends on how you prefer them since your not cooking a comp. If you like a slight pull that bites straight threw without rib falling apart (that's what a comp judge looks for) a little less time in foil. If you prefer fall off the bone then your doing em perfect for your taste. Cook em how you like and if you want change up your 3-2-1 times and temps to get desired results.

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