July 4th - Packer Brisket

Discussion in 'CharGriller Owners Group' started by gabulldogs80, Jul 16, 2015.

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    It has been a while since my last post, but that doesn't mean BBQ has slowed down. I've been smoking whole chickens, pork butts, baby back ribs, st louis ribs, and packer briskets. Trying different types of chunks has been fun as well, anything from hickory to apple, mesquite to pecan, I enjoy tasting the different flavors. Anyway in an attempt to improve my postings, I'll begin with my packer brisket for the 4th of July.

    I started out with an 11.5 lb packer brisket and began trimming it before putting it on the smoker.

    Added my Texas brisket rub and was good to go.

    I had to work in some rain, but overall it wasn't bad. I smoked it higher than normal, around 300 degrees with mesquite wood producing a good bark.

    Overall the brisket was good, but I have room to improve. I believe the higher temperature dryer out the flat a bit too much, however the burnt ends were delecious! I look forward to mastering this cut of meat.
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    Somehow I missed seeing this post.  Nothing new for me to miss a post or 20. 

    Nice smoke ring on your brisket there and those burnt ends look good too.

    Yeah, 300* is quite high to cook a brisket.  I know "low & slow" is used a lot in describing good BBQ, but I've got to believe Briskets was the cause, or reason, for the phrase being coined in the 1st place.   You can get away with higher temps for some meats, but not brisket.  Try to hold it between 225* and 250* max, the entire time. 

    I've given up on cooking briskets on my CG because it takes so long and so much fire tending.  Too much for this old fart to handle any more.

    I now consider a spare rib smoke, a "long" smoke.  LOL

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