July 4th Chucky is ready for smoke! Q-View updates coming...

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ricka77, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. ricka77

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    The WSM 18 is getting up to temp now after a short pre-heat with a small fuel pile.  I just added a bunch more fuel, arranged for optimal burning, and have 2 medium cherry chunks and 1 medium hickory chunk ready to go in with the chucky.  Contemplating a dry smoke, or to use the bowl with broth to add moisture...but have about 15 minutes to figure that part and heat up broth in kitchen if going with it.

    Chuck got all rubbed last night, sat overnight in the fridge.  Looks almost good enough to eat now..  Initial Q-View is on its way, stupid camera batteries died after one shot.  But that's all I need for now.  Will grab more at stall check, wrap, and post-finish, ready to be shredded and devoured.

    Going for about 250-ish for 4-5 hours, plus 1 hour to rest.  Just under 3 3/4 pounds, nice and solid marbling throughout...one of the nicer looking chucks I've seen lately.

    Wife just pulled in from the store with batteries....and ice to keep beer cold..  Although, having 5 gallons of fresh brewed IPA doesn't hurt either!  
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    As promised.  First shot of chuck, sitting on a foil pan with holes I made with a skewer..I couldn't find the perforated pan I usually use, so home made fix works the same.  Under the first pan, another pan already loaded with natural juices from overnight and a few more spoons of the spice rub.  It's on the first rack, no drip bowl this time.  Maverick reports it 50 degrees for the roast, and 210 for the smoker.. Hmm..212 a minute ago.  Might need to go open a vent a bit more, get it up to between 225 and 250..

  3. ricka77

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    I was planning to wrap at the projected stall of around 165, but I guess this Chuck just won't stall...  IT now at 181 and has been climbing very steadily all day, very slowly.  Smoker is at 228 and that is dropping thanks to a shower that's been passing by for close to an hour now.  Still have another 45 minutes until it passes, hopefully sooner.  

    I might go pull to wrap, then also throw some more fuel on to get it up a bit to finish to 210 so I can rest it for 60-90 minutes...not that it needs to rest that long, but the guests won't be here until shortly after, so I don't want to tear it apart too soon.  Also have basic grill fare, dogs and burgers...and beer.
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    If you have the time, why wrap it at all? [​IMG]

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