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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ibra0078, May 21, 2014.

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    Hey guys, just joined this forum today and I'm glad I found it.  Abit about myself, I started to smoke on my BBQ last year and this year im deciding to go ahead and purchase a smoker.  I am eying out the Masterbuilt Dual-fuel Pro.  Heard some good reviews on here about it and few on homedepot site.  I live in Canada so we do get alot of snow during the winter no question about that.  I just have few questions and hoping someone can help me out.

    First what is the benefit going between an electric smoker and a gas smoker?  Wouldn't an electric cost more?

    Second is I have natural gas setup already for my bbq and I was wondering if I can convert the Masterbuilt Dual-fuel Pro to use the natural gas instead of buying a propane tank?

    Goal is to learn from you guys as I want to start smoking alot more this summer

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  2. Hello, welcome to the forum, I'm an old stick burner, so I wont be much help in that department, There are a lot of members who use gas and electric, I am sure someone will chime in and help you out.

    Gary S

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