Johnny Trigg and Myron Mixon recipes--UPDATED!!!

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    Three hours for Spare ribs bone side down unwrapped 2 hours wrapped (often with additional rub, sauce, butter) 1 hour back on the smoker unwrapped.
  2. What you forgot, was before # 1, you should marinate your Ribs, 24 to 36 hours, overhaul (move) every 12 hours.  Then the night before the smoke, rinse them off, dry them off, apply your glue, I use Honey, and rub to both sides.  Then wrap in plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight, then go to # 1 above, the for # 2, before you start the smoker, take the ribs out of the fridge, unwrap and let come up to ambient temperature before you p-lace the meat in the smoker.

    You make much better tasting ribs doing that.  As per marinades, lots of ways to do that, search the forum to find one you like.

    [​IMG]                 [​IMG]             [​IMG]  
  3. If you have the recipe for the Rib Tickler Rub....could you share??
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    Sent in a pm SmokeBreak- and keep in mind, it is my interpretation, and not actually Trig's verified.
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    Why not post for all?
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    Originally- laziness. (doh!)

    I clicked a link off my phone, and then realized it went private message instead of open forum post- then I wanted to be sure that smokebreak knew I wasn't ignoring the request.

    Now, my reprobate behavior dissed on the forum... shame-shame, 'eh?

    Alright I will correct the mistake proper, and my apologies to all- no secret here.

    From my experimenting, the ratios are as follows:

    T= tablespoon

    C= cup

    2 T Salt (Kosher)

    1 T Paprika

    1 T Garlic (powder or granules- I use the granules)

    1 T Black Pepper

    1 T Red Pepper (flakes are stronger- I use the dried spice powder)

    1 T Onion Flakes

    1/4 C Turbinado Sugar

    1/4 C Light Brown Sugar

    *This makes enough to do maybe 2 St. Louis style racks without the brisket bones- double it to make up to 4 racks with leftover. Use lightly- just "tickle" the ribs on both sides and do not rub it in but instead cover with plastic wrap for 45min to allow the sugars and spices to marry into the meat and form a glaze, and then on to the smoker and follow the instructions (modified 3-2-1 [2.5-1.5-1]) for ribs so good you'll smack your momma. That was the only part of the originally posted method by smokin husker I can add as I did it precisely as described. I should also point out that the glaze for the last hour, and for when they were pulled off and brushed was as simple as a can of tomato sauce, 1/4 cup of molasses, 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, a drizzle of wild flower honey, a dollop of Jack Daniel's Old #7 BBQ sauce, and a dash of Saigon cinnamon (my "secret" touch") The secret to the whole experience in my opinion is that last hour if you smoked the ribs proper as the texture is everything; this method gives that special light crunch to the bark from the hour glazing in the smoker- that final brush and then cut and serve (and serve them immediately if competing!) provides a candied mouth feel that is over the top- the soft and warm outer glazing, followed by the slight crunch of candied glaze, with the full smoked flavor of the bark and then the tender but slightly firm consistency of the meat is what will make you famous. Has to be Trig's angle... it is just that awesome.

    There- my last tip is to go out and get the FoodNetwork's electric knife- it is inexpensive, and the fine blade will show those delicious ribs and the smoke ring to absolute any competition standard... right in your back yard.

    Later taterz-
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    Last word on 3-2-1: Those numbers are only unique because they fit our math system and are an easy to remember guideline.  The point is, use a longer time in the initial smoke as compared to the shorter time in the foil, and even shorter time back on the smoke to firm up the bark.  If you like the meat completely off the bone, go 3-2-1 around 225-275.  If you want them on the bone yet still tender, REDUCE the time in the foil, etc.  Just play around with the times/temps/wrap and develop your own rule of thumb.  Have fun.   Remember, you can always go back to basics: Put them on the smoker and leave them alone--a great thing to do even for the experienced.  In fact, I'm going to do that now--rub 'em and smoke 'em!  The only 3-2-1 I'll use will be the countdown to last rib!  I'll take pics and report back.  
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    This cracks me up......people who post on here like they know what they are talking about when they don't.  I went to both Trigg and Myron's classes and know EXACTLY how both of them prepare they're BBQ.  While ALL the info posted here is not incorrect, more of the info is incorrect than correct.  You don't even have the type of wood used correct.  I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I am saying watch what u believe to be gospel on here because you will get more incorrect information than useful stuff.  While u may get good ribs preparing them the way these people tell you, it just won't be the way Trigg does it.
  9. I own Myrons book, that is what your first link alludes to.  This is a good book to own, it gives you recipes for rubs and marinades and so on.  That is why if you click on that first link above and look at the recipe on one line it says use the rub from page 20.  You take his recipes found in his book and toy with them to make them better.
  10. Greetings there fella. U say you aren't trying to be a jerk, yet you're coming off as kind of jerk-ish. That's all good though; doesn't really matter. I got a question though... Instead of telling us how wrong we are and what we don't know, since u are obviously privy to inside information, since u went to a class and learned all the secrets, why don't u share this wealth of information that you have? Or are u content With letting people be incorrect when u have the knowledge to correct said incorrectness? Or are u just blowing smoke and actually u know nothing? BTW, I'm not trying to be a jerk.

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  11. Hate to break this to you....but I'm certain that they didn't give you every single detail and secret during those classes. And people on here do happen to know what they're talking about in most cases... but when asked about another persons 'secret''s pretty much always going to be interpretation of that recipe, as the original IS A SECRET. But just because it's their interpretation doesn't make it incorrect. Whether I burn wood in stick form, or in chunk form doesn't mean I'm not still burning wood....just doing it a different way. There's more than one way to do most things. You say you're not trying to be a jerk but the way you worded that sort of seemed that way. 
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  12. I respect the fact you went to both classes, good for you.  Not everybody on this forum had that luxury. 

    But it boils down to, You do it your way, each and everybody else does it their way, which may not be your way.   So what.  Do I care somebody use a propane smoker and I use and I use an electric one.  Not at all, in the end it all smoked foods, does not matter how it gets there. You see no one else on the forum here saying it is the wrong way, we all add what we think can make anyone's way of doing things in a better way, something you seemed to have missed
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    Lighten up, Myron.  [​IMG]
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    Ok, so I am sorry I came off that way, but I am not sorry for what I meant in the thread.  You shouldn't post that this IS the way these pitmasters do it when u don't know that to be true.  You are passing false information to people who dont know better.  Once again, I am not even saying your recipes will not present fantastic ribs, just dont portray them as something they are not.  That is all, and attacking my presentation will not change the fact that these recipes are NOT Myron's or Johnny's.  Just sayin'
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    Poor jjjakus, maybe you should go to the roll call section and introduce yourself. Shooting people down isn't a very good first post :(
  16. U still haven't given us any information as to do's and don'ts or at least what exactly is false.....
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    Oh, you're cute :) Do you honestly think that you got the master million dollar secrets at a $750 weekend class? I'm not saying you didn't learn great tricks and really good, useful information. What I am saying is you're being an ass and you have made you opinion irrelevant.

    You're lucky, though, this is a pretty forgiving group. When you have something useful or informative to add, we'd all love to hear it. This site is a combination of newbies, oldies, competition smokers and weekend warriors. There is always something to learn here, from any one of these individuals.

    Just for kicks and giggles who here has actually had Trigg ribs? Or Myron's, not in his restaurant, but a personally smoked rack?
  18. You will get conflicting advice from people on TV, in cookbooks, on the internet, etc.  BBQing is a craft, and craftsmen often have differing opinions on the best way to do things.  Cook to your family and friends preferences. If they like what you cook, you'll be asked to cook more.

    All I know is when I do what I call Johnny Trigg ribs, my MIL, Mom, wife, kids, and G kids say they're the best they ever had -- don't change a thing.  So, if they're NOT Johnny Trigg ribs, then they're MY ribs and I found what my family likes and I'll keep on doin it. Because I wanna cook more.

    Interesting story:  I saw a guy checking out at the local Publix yesterday.  He had a bag of wood chunks, bottle of Tiger Sauce, Alum Foil, Parkay, and Brown Sugar.  I said you're cookin ribs tonight.  he said yeah - Johnny Trigg style.  I said I know - right!  LOL

    Have fun.  Relax.  It's just cooking.  It's not suppose to be stressful.  Every little things gonna be alright.
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    Amen , brother! :sausage::grilling_smilie::sausage::grilling_smilie:
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    I did this recipe, and I foiled with the sauce/sugar/honey/tiger sauce on both sides.  It seems like most of my rub came off.  Anyway to get it to stay on better?  I cook on a bge.  The ribs did still turn out amazing.

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