Johnny Trigg and Myron Mixon recipes--UPDATED!!!

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  1. Wear do i get the tiger sauce and squezable parkey?
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    Check your local grocery store.  They have them both at Kroger and Ingles around here.  You will also see Parkay called "the magic blue bottle" on some BBQ posts.   I cooked in a local competition with a buddy from work a few years back and he used it and beer to get his chicken started (I did ribs). We both won.  First time I had actually seen someone use Parkay.

    And if all else fails, Walmart sells Tiger Sauce by the 6 bottle case. Either ship to local store or to your door if you really live "out there"...

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  3. Hi all, I am a brisket smoker, but I wanna start in on ribs. What is the 3-2-1 method? Is that 3hrs on smoke, 2hrs foiled, 1hr unwrapped???  Thanks...
  4. kryinggame

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    Yous assumption is correct if you're smoking at 225 *

    Personally, I do St. Louis style rips at about 275*; therefore my model is 2-1-1 or 2-1.5-(30 minutes) or at times, (2-1-30 minutes).

    For me, at 275, anything over 4 hours is over kill. For the last part, I check for doneness after 30 minutes. Lot's of times, it's done (I use the bend test and I'll pull off and taste a small piece).

    Now, since you've invaded our pork ribs section, show us and teach us about your brisket.  I plan on doing one (again) this weekend.  :)
  5. Thanks for the reply... I seldom cook ribs. BUT I need to change this soon. 

    This is my quick & easy home brisket recipe. 

    The  standard trim the fat, rub with mustard thing is common and normal. I rub with Montreal Steak Seasoning (good flavor). Smoke for 3 hours @ 250-degreees, move to foil pan fat side down and cover tightly with foil and return to smoker (or oven) @ 250-degrees until meat temp reaches 200-degrees. Not 199, but 200. If you rush it the muscle fibers  haven't broken down, yadda, yadda, tough, chewy, yadda.

    Take a look at my Reverse Flow Smoker build project -->
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    Great job everyone!  A TON of information, and lots of firm opinions.  I guess I'll have to try the Trigg method, but I gotta tell you people love my 3-2-1 ribs everytime.  Nothing special, just standard rub and care.

    Have a great weekend!
  8. Definitely trying this soon.
  9. kryinggame

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    I haven't touched my smoker in months. I've been reading older postings and this one is excellent. I can't wait to start doing ribs again . I had to slow down and eventually stop. Ribs every weekend and a case of beer was having an effect on my waist line and stomach. Lol. I just dropped12lbs but I fear the ribs will put 20 lbs on.
  10. Yeah, that "poke" trends to have a weighting effect on those that indulge in it's flavorful goodness.
  11. Good information on here that makes me hungry.  Only thing I can't keep from thinking is that Myron wouldn't ever tell people how he really makes his products.  I was watching one of the older episodes of BBQ Pitmasters when Trigg was willing to help a new guy who continued to struggle.  When Myron heard about Trigg telling someone else what to and not to do he said something along the lines of, I wouldn't ever tell people what I do for competitions because that's how I make money and I would be throwing it away.  Between that and just seeing his personality in general I wouldn't be surprised if he left a lot out of the shared recipes.  I completely agree with one comment on here that most of the competition stuff looks too sweet and overpowering.  Great for a couple bites but not sitting down for dinner with the family.
  12. I think he said he wouldn't do it for free. , which still isn't much better, but i definitely see your point. Where in the world has all the philantropy gone? Lol
  13. I think you are right, that's what he said. Something tells me he is still probably holding back a lot of information just to make sure he has an edge against the competition. You don't win that many times without being a little cunning.
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    I know the ingredients he uses for his rib rub, but can you tell us the messurments? I found them once before online and made a batch, now I'm out and cannot find the right mixture.
  15. ryder

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    New to the forum! I cooked these ribs before and thought I would share my photos also! I have the MES 40 w/ window! It cooks a little hot so I do a 2-45-30 at 275 and they turn out awesome!
  16. ryder

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    Here is the final product!! Can't see the smoke ring very here.
  17. texasgrape

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    SmokinHusker's said he thought Johnny Trigg uses cherry and pecan.  Perhaps he does, but I heard him say on Pitmasters that he only uses 3-year old Post Oak.  He lives in Texas where Post Oak is abundant.  I have 2 cords curing now!  Also, someone said in this thread that they thought he uses the 3-2-1 method or a modified version.  I have never heard Johnny say what his actual cook times are for all the steps.  Has anyone actually heard?  Temps & times are secrets too.  LOL  Don't assume he just leaves his pit at 275!  Just me, but I don't think he uses 3-2-1 at 275; it's too long of a cook at 275.  They'd fall off the bone if wrapped for too long.  Probably closer to what SmokinHuskers said.  Gettin' hungry now! 
  18. I made an attempt on Jimmy's foil wrap today. It's too sweet, it tastes like a thanksgiving ham! I used a pretty good amount of tiger sauce but it just couldn't cut through sweetness.
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      I believe in competitions you are cooking to satisfy the judges. They don't want to taste something different, but the best of what they are used to. Been competing locally for 2 years with a homemade rub and sauce. Everyone that has tried it really likes it but no calls from the judges. Two weeks ago we were at a local comp and decided to go completely off the shelf. We took first place in ribs! In comps you got to cook for the tastes of the local judges!  Just my recent opinion.

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    What does 3-2-1 method mean?

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